Cannabilistic Passion

Cannabilistic Passions.




I am gnawed bones

licked to sheer abandonment
on a savannah that

graces the African plains.

Lying ravished in

the hot sun's blanket,
my lioness slinking

away for a wash,
in the cool basin where

Swahili take their pots,
to fill as I have filled hers

with corked flesh.

Bliss escapes from my

caged ribs with each breath,
like wild animals

we sought nourishment
in each others flesh

nibbled and pulled,
and are sated, refreshed

and ready for
our journey back into the

jungles of the Americas.

Back where maddened

elephants tromp

on the common man's rights,
and selected donkeys carry

the current burdens.

Take time to bask in

the grasslands of love,
get savage with a partner,

suckle her sweetness,
it is the meat of her

human kindness, not the milk,
that will leave you......

.....trembling like a grasshopper,
in the path of love's fire ants

unleashed to feed.

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Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 7 years ago from Near the Ocean

I love your images. I say stay in Africa!

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