Captain Scorpio


I have this friend, a very special friend whom I call as Captain Scorpio

He's bold and strong, he's tall and chubby you know

He shares nice jokes, he always listens and advice

In fact he looks like my father who was charming and wise.

He reminds me of a humongous talking TEDDY BEAR

He looks so cuddly, warm and friendly with messy hair

He enjoys cooking different meals when he's in the mood

And he always influence others with his positive attitude.


He's nine years elder than I am, matured and understanding

He's always open and honest with me as he's so loving and caring

Because of that my mind is actually considering the tender idea of his

To be special friends as we've celebrated twelve years of friendship.


But my heart is still hesitant, uncertain of this and as usual sad I am

Since he accepts me just as I am and respects me for who I am

Which is indeed something new for me as I take it very slow

If I say truly it is something more than what I expected for.

He loves children as he always talks about his cute niece

She's adorable and just two years is this little girl Wishy

Too many questions and her curiosity makes me smile

So he doesn't mind even to adopt a child.

He lives in a nice clean apartment with a great view

He lives a simple life and friendships are quite few

He works with all this technology and software

His love for his parents is something which I admire

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manatita44 profile image

manatita44 6 months ago from london

Sweet simplicity; loving video and very child-like Hub. Charming!

rdsparrowriter profile image

rdsparrowriter 6 months ago Author

Thank you Manatita :0 I appreciate your visits to my hub :)

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