Love Poem: "I'll Capture You"

A couple strolling down a sidewalk.
A couple strolling down a sidewalk. | Source

"I'll Capture You"

In the end, it wasn't what I've done for myself.
In the end, it wasn't the hours that I've been happy.
In the end, it was the seconds
The hours,
The days,
Where I found myself wishing you were here.
Sometimes it takes a little effort.
Sometimes it's the easiest feeling in the world.
There's a storm whenever you come around.
The winds seem the rustle up the darkness and the rain.
Most nights, sleep is reluctant.
Like an old needed friend, who still isn't quite welcome.
Because there's someone else at the front door.
Someone else. Someone else.
It's not the minutes I spend capturing moments with you.
It's the hours that the tape is rewound and played back again.
Over and over.
It's the days of anticipation.
Anticipation Of the most fleeting moments I'll ever know.
I'll ever know.
So capture me. I'll capture you.
Like a whispering ray of sun, like a playful caress of wind.
I'll capture you. Even if you're gone a second later.
I'll capture you.
Maybe you'll stay.
Stay if I capture you.

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Bogy 23 months ago

Dear Monika, Rita and Nicholas! Thank you so much for such a wonderful walk. I enoyejd every single moment. While walking with you the world seems to be incredibly beautiful, happy and full of love! I'm glad that you have these pictures, so I will be able to walk with you again. See you soon!

Jean 23 months ago

I think you've just captured the answer pelctfery

prairieprincess profile image

prairieprincess 5 years ago from Canada

Beautiful! I enjoy the passion and romance of this poem. Very lovely!

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