Celebrating Me

Another year, another day I thank the Lord for allowing me to move closer to my dreams and destiny, to look in the sky at my personal star that shines so bright and orbits the moon as my imagination rotates on the axle of its vibe, I'm celebrating me.

Ladybugs, dragonfly's , bluebirds softly tweeting, a melody that sounds as if it was composed just for me. Honeysuckle sweet, my favorite jellybeans, my finest wine, favorite place to dine, my cuddling with myself on a lonely autumn evening.

From Coletrane to Hathaway, frankincense and gold flake mist, candles in the wind. Bubble bath, to myself I laugh, never imagined alone I could have fun like this, I'm celebrating me.

Finer with age, day by day grateful that I am growing older, tick-tock, the sound of the clock with hands that reach out to discover life's true meaning. No need to turn back time, the past is behind and I'm moving forward, a full spirit of peace has taken its place.

Afro puffs and ponytails, as a little girl I had hopes and dreams, grown up now, all natural me, proud of who I am, Shouting to the world, I'm thankful for becoming the strong woman God created me to be. Happy Birthday to me!

Copyright 2011. M Woodson-Ursery

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