Celebrating the Holidays with Family

I think the one thing in everyone's life is to celebrate the holidays with family. I don't remember any holiday in my childhood to adulthood, when I didn't start to panic at the sound of the door bell ringing. You know that feeling,"OH NO, They're here!" So you rush around to each room to make sure that everything is ready, before running to the door, make a quick peak at the mirror in the hallway, to make sure you look fine and there is no flour or anything smearing your perfert holiday outfit. You open the door with a huge smile on your face and wish everyone "Happy Holidays", as you exchange hugs or kisses on all your relatives, parents, or siblings. You take there coats and gifts that are issues, and ask them to all sit in the living room, around the tree. My favorite part is when we all sitting, eating or drinking, and mood starts to get easier, as each hour passes, and than you ask yourself,"WHY WAS I EVER ANXIOUS ABOUT ALL OF THIS." Than of course your shake your head and let the holidays fill you with laughter or delight, that this one event in your life comes only once a year.


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