Chasing perfection

I am chasing something impossible to find.

I am killing myself a little at a time.

I can not stop torturing myself endlessly.

Because I hate myself and wish I was never to be.

I am searching for perfection inside myself.

But I will never be able to love myself.

I appear to be broken.

Never to be fixed.

My heart is cut open.

It needs to be stitched.

I will never be the woman I want to be.

Because of how I am in reality.

I can not change myself to suit my liking.

The thoughts I give myself are so frightening.

Why couldn't I been born a perfect beauty 

Im just not meant to be beautiful.

Because I will never feel beautiful.

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TattoGuy 5 years ago

Happy New Year Chrissie x

chrissie123 profile image

chrissie123 5 years ago Author

Thanks you too! :D

TattoGuy 5 years ago

I forgot to say I loved that poem, that opening photo is one of my favs, I look forward to reading more of your poems in 2011 x

chrissie123 profile image

chrissie123 5 years ago Author

AWE! thanks! I am glad you liked the pick I found it and it just stood out to me! and thanks so much I look forward to all the wonderful comments from you! your comments make me smile!

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

The picture is so amazing, but the message of this poem is more important. It's easier to be content, rather than chase perfection. So happy to see more poems from you! We missed them, chrissie! Cheers!

blondey profile image

blondey 5 years ago

Hey chrissie,

nice to meet you. so far I really like your hubs.

No, you ARE beautiful! And don't tell yourself different we all have some gift for this world and so far your writing is making alot of people happy i see.

sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 5 years ago from India

Nice poem though it brings out insecurities of a woman given by perfect figgure tv actress and movie stars. Over all beautiful poem.

chrissie123 profile image

chrissie123 5 years ago Author

thank you yes its a topic I like to talk about alot becuase I know so many people hurt by what the tabloids say is beautiful its very relating.

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