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The summer heat of the day was oppressive and the approaching humidity promised the night would be even hotter than the day. If it was so unbearably hot and humid. Right here, smack dab in the heart of the country. I can only imagine how bad the weather must be in the rest of the 49 states. Mindfulness of the heat pulled me out of my fantasizing and back into the moment and i ran into my thoughts. I countered the heat by daydreaming.

I started to focus on recollecting about when I was a lot younger. When I was strong and what the weather was not a factor. A time when the weather did not seem to bother me as much as it did now. I use to play all day long in the freedom of the outdoors. But now that I have moved on in years, I can only take so much of this Midwest weather. Believe it or not I would rather be caged inside my air conditioned house even though it meant a loss of freedom. Suddenly my mind began searching the files of my memories like a huge super computer. Searching and looking for days gone by. For what I wondered.

A fleeting recollection surfaced from my subconscious and jump into my consciousness. I vividly pictured myself as a younger writer. Those glory days. My body quickly twitched three times as I secretly yearned for the days of the typewriter. What a visceral experience writing was with that machine. Back when I could feel my mental creativity drain out of my mind, run down my arms and out through my fingers pressuring the tops of the keys. The rich sound of the pounding steel of the keys against the roller and then watch the arms slam embossing the letters onto a piece of fresh white paper. Those were the days when life was slower. When everyone could appreciate the smaller and finer things in life. Days were longer and richer.

Quickly, my mind snapped back to the moment and the task at hand. I became acutely aware of the swirling sounds of my ever present ear sensor. My ear sensor was connected to my Apple iPad X12 and was reminding me that I had another article deadline. I was being pushed by a machine embedded in my ear, stating “It was time to stop loafing and get back to work.”

I tapped on my ear sensor to begin writing on my article again. My grandson Gavin, who had grown to become a strong, driven and successful man just like his father but tall like his uncle had given me the Apple X12 for my eighty third birthday. He told me that he was tired of watching me meet my deadlines slaving over my old antiqued touch keyboard computer. Time had really changed my hands. These old digits had become less mobile due to arthritis. My X12 is very useful invention. I can’t believe that the inventor of the original iPad, Steve Jobs, had been dead almost 20 years. Wouldn't he just love the advancements of this new machine? This amazing machine senses all my thoughts and converts them into words and places them directly into a word processor in what is now called the “cloud”. I am writing my new article just by willing my thoughts to be so. I chuckled inside, “no fingers required”. It can also read all my physical vital signs and the built in GPS tracks me so my grandson knows where I am all of the time. Today he was watching over me while I wrote since his mother and grandmother were out shopping as usual.

Why Should People in Peoria have refrigerators?

My train of thoughts broke again for a few minutes. I slightly bent forward and angled my head to the right. “Not there yet, I still have time.” I went back to writing my article. My source of revenue had been based on my articles for many years. I mentally questioned the content of my article, “Am I sure people want to read this one? Do they still want to know what I am offering? What do they really want?” Life had been so clear and uncomplicated back in the days.

The sun’s heat was noticeably less on my body and I felt the coolness of an evening breeze. Time had slipped by my awareness. I bent forward again, looked at the horizon to the right and the ball of light was setting. I then turned my head to the left and saw another harvest ball of gold was rising on the opposite horizon. “My deadline for the completion of my article was coming to an end.” I concluded my article with a simple phrase that wrapped up the symbolic meaning of the whole article with a little bit of humor. Little did I know it would be one of my last words to be registered on my X12. “Why Should People in Peoria have refrigerators? The answer was simple; sure, doesn’t everyone have a refrigerator?” A simple meaning it was.. we are all the same and not as different as people think. And with that it was finished and with just a thought it was sent via email to the publisher.

As I relaxed to watch the sunset the iPad X12 sent a warning to the main cloud processor that it was not picking up any more brain waves. Startled by the alarm, Gavin rushed out of his house where he found his grandfather sitting motionless outside in the garden, his favorite place to write, just as the light of the day waned and darkness set in.

Nature Can Be Healing


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Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

Wow! This was an amazing, somewhat eerie work of fiction. Not hard to imagine something like this actually being our reality in our old age, is it? Glad it's at least 20 years in the future!

I enjoyed this story and also the lovely photos.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

Sending Hub Hugs and Love,


Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Happyboomernurse - It was my first attempt. A little dark at the end but no other ending fit. Enjoyed writing it. It is a start. Glad you enjoyed our pictures.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Blessings and joy.

Dr Bill

Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

Very well written. Drew me right in and kept my attention throughout. Yes, the ending was a little dark but perfect for the story.

Hope to read more fiction from you and see more photos. The colors, shadows and light were awesome in both pics.


wysley profile image

wysley 5 years ago

Very captivating story! I'm sure that Gavin is proud to have such a wonderful Grandfather! It will indeed be interesting to see what technology has in store for the future.

Look forward to more of your short stories to come.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Happyboomernurse - You would be very interested to know that the pictures for this story was done by , which is my wife and daughter's photography business. They do great photography and produced 2 of my new videos.

Thanks for all the support on my first venture.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

wysely - Thanks for your comment and support. No telling where technology will take us in the future. I thought my X12 was a very interesting technological device. Everything would work from an ear bud, working off of a person's thoughts Cool! I hope to write more short stories.

Woundgal 5 years ago

Fantastic! I was captivated from the start. I can just imagine the technology in 20 years. I actually loved the ending. The ending made me stop and pause, that when I die, when we all die let it be doing the thing we really love. I found the ending very comforting and filled with the love of your son Gavin. I hope for all your readers sake this is just the first of MANY short stories (attempts)

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Woundgal- Thank you for you positive comments. Gavin truely is a blessing in my life. With people such as you giving such positive feedback I believe I will attempt this again.

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Enjoyed this writing. It was very timely for me-I visited my aunt and uncle, who are in their seventies, and my uncle began to talk about how the new technology is so confusing for his generation.

The other point of this story and its connection to my personal experience: I gave my oldest granddaughter, (almost 12 yrs old), an electric typewriter for her Christmas present. It was a gift to encourage her writing; one that she had mentioned, but which her mother and father would have had no reason to get her-after all, they do have a computer.

She is a budding artist-writing and art work, and I felt the old typewriter would continue to encourage her interest and talent.

Nice work here.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Denis Handlon - Thanks for the comments about how you could related to my story. Your aunt and uncle are not that much older than me and might even be in the same generation. I had a long learning curve with computers but have been able to embrace technology.

I think it is really nice that you bought your granddaughter an electric typewriter for her budding ambition. She can start like the old professional did. Using an electric typewriter should be a great lesson and experience.

Judy Lee Thurber 5 years ago

Wonderful - absolutely wonderful! It was engaging and well written. The mark of any good work ... It left me wanting more. I hope to see more like this.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Judy - Your positive words mean a lot to me. Very validating. This was my first venture into this type of writing. I really appreciate your comment.

kimh039 profile image

kimh039 5 years ago

It took me awhile to pick up on the sci-fi, but when I did I recalled an article I read recently that says these technologies are not that far away. There is new technology for, I believe. stroke pts to communicate their thoughts - it's very primitive still with only a few options, but still... and we are on the verge of significantly advancing our estimated life expectancy. Anyway, I was thinking I did like the story context and the more creative vs tech way of contemplating technology. Yes, a dark ending; a very peaceful, dark and no more deadlines! Thanks:)

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

kimh039 - Thanks for your comments. Changes are happening to better us everyday.

jaz 5 years ago

It was a profound reach into a future we will all,hopefully, realize someday. Loved the concepts of mind/cloud connection. Wish it had been more developed. Great material for meditation! You astonish me,

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Jaz - I am glad you got a chance to read my story and I appreciate your comments. I really thank you.

brakel2 profile image

brakel2 2 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hi Dr Bill - You sure reached in the future for this one. Steve Jobs dead for twenty uears. That really made me realize we are in the future and technology has moved right along. It is so fantastic that your mind can move into the future and imagine all these advances. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Blessings, Audrey (I need to read more of your hubs.)

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 2 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Dear brakel2

Thank you for your comments. This HUB was a labor of love for me and I had to stretch my writing skills. I was taught to write with a clinical research eye as a Ph.D. I am so glad that enjoyed the story. Please read more of my HUBs and follow my HUB. I will connect and follow yours in return.

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