Checked Baggage

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Ruins of a castle in northern Ireland.
Ruins of a castle in northern Ireland.

The train makes me want to throw up.

I hunch down in my seat

close my eyes


back and forth

in rhythm with the tracks.

I think of late night movies with you.

Snuggled up on the couch

under a blanket

with popcorn

kissing intermittently

holding hands.

The train makes another stop.

I take a drink of water, again,

look at my cell phone, again,

return it to my bag;

no signal

of you

One month away seems endless to me.

You call it good for us

a way for growth


I close my eyes on the tears.

Curse your strength.

The tracks make a rocking motion

Beneath me.

I sway

back and forth

back and forth,

until I am lulled into oblivion, again.

You are an ocean away

and suddenly I want to swim.

I am stagnant

on this train

taking me somewhere


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kikkibabes 5 years ago

Fabulous poem. x

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 5 years ago

Oh the yearning and aching heart for our loved one. This was a brilliant scribe, I felt your emotion as well as the rocking back and forth of the train. I to remember wanting to throw up on my first train ride, got past that, what a wonderful way to travel. Nicely done, bravo....rated Up

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