'Chemistry' a poem by Scott Spethman

The gallows were full of people
Idle chit-chat and nonlinear conversations
The stairs rose to the crown
And raining down were the accusations

The scenes change so quickly here
Fiber optic nerves suppress a real gathering
Lurking aside, I've got some business
I used to be this one's season sling

Green neon haze now surrounds us
I am, and always was apart
That never stopped you though
You did always love your art

Your chest cries in the suburbs
In a well protected basement
I'll never understand it
The way you hold such sentiment

Though there will always be scars
Your broken torso will mend
The thickness of your lust for me
You must send it 'round the bend

Time is your enemy, yes?
You left me to grow into this thorn
If I was just a slight infatuation
Why is that sad ticker so torn?

I was easy enough to be thrown aside
Nothing but a kid's waste
I've found my only alchemist
To her I'm gold she can taste

There is nothing for you here
My love is in a sun-burnt country
The door is right above you
Don't forget to grab your chemistry

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BenWritings profile image

BenWritings 5 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee

really like it

seems bitter which is always good


good vocabulary, talented

noevilstar profile image

noevilstar 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

beautiful. rich, sad, delicious.

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