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Cherished Moment In time

My friends and coworkers are a treasured part of my life. The world where I worked was like a small city vibrant with life. Each one person was unique and valuable. They changed my life in ways I cannot enumerate. I will never forget them.

Cherished Moments In Time

It is dark outside
My laptop gives off the only light in the room,
And life as I know it is coming to an end.
Forgotten are the endless days
of stress, and work that never stops...
A village of people who filled my days...
are gone now. I visit them no more.
The years a fleeting moment
of a life that now has gone.
I did not know how much I loved you!

Treasured moments of a lifetime
tucked into my heart and soul,
That gave me back my purpose,
and prepared me for my goal.
Pain for a fleeting moment,
grips my soul as I look ahead. Fear, sharp
and poignant as my dark unsettled destiny
looms silent in my brain.
Quietly, from beyond the heavens,
a touch on my face so soft, came winging
through the darkness with purpose to excise my loss.
There is no pain in my heart now. I look back with
affection and joy. You are with me even now.
You will always be with me...

Cherished moment in time.

This original work written by Sandra Mireles about the end of her long career at Methodist Hospital and The Methodist Hospital Research Institute is not to be copied or used in any form without permission of the author.

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© 2009 Sandra Mireles

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Smireles profile image

Smireles 7 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you.

mecheshier profile image

mecheshier 7 years ago

Beautiful Life's trasure is sometimes there and you don't know it... so true.

Glenda 7 years ago

Sad but beautiful. So true.

Smireles profile image

Smireles 7 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you.

Alexander Mark profile image

Alexander Mark 7 years ago from beautiful, rainy, green Portland, Oregon

beautiful and sad.

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