The Liar in Luke's Head

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Luke Felt Happier, When He Was Forgiven!Little Johnny's Finger Paint Design
Luke Felt Happier, When He Was Forgiven!
Luke Felt Happier, When He Was Forgiven! | Source
Little Johnny's Finger Paint Design
Little Johnny's Finger Paint Design | Source

Jimmy Was a Great Role Model for His Brothers

Jimmy was the older of two comrades, and everyone believed he was his mother’s favorite son. Mom consistently smiled with him and gave in to his every desire. Jimmy’s younger brothers learned to venerate him, since he was the oldest and always appeared fresh and witty. It was Jimmy’s job to set a right example for his brothers, especially for Luke and Little Johnny.

Every day-after school, Jimmy would lead his brother’s home and help them with their homework, after he prepared a tasty snack for everyone. Mom believed Jimmy was a superior role model for his younger brothers, and she was terribly proud of him.

Jimmy played games of Chest with his brothers often, and taught them how to build model airplanes, and also challenged them to amusing card games. Luke and Johnny yearned to copy their older brother and wanted to be just like him, because they admired him tremendously too.

Jimmy Collected All Sorts of Precious Coins

Jimmy collected all types of precious coins from every corner of the world and he classified them in a special money binder. One day, Luke yearned to purchase a stunning model airplane, and he did not have the courage to wait for his weekly stipend. He asked Little Johnny to lend him the money to acquire an amazing model airplane; however, Johnny already had spent his allowance on a humorous new game board.

Luke Stole Jimmy's Authentic Coins

In desperation, Luke candidly chose to embezzle his brother's money and stole Jimmy’s best coins to purchase his spectacular model airplane for twenty-five bucks. He replaced Jimmy’s unique coins with cheap plastic ones, and hoped Jimmy would not notice the difference in his coin collection, though he checked his coins on a steady basis.

Luke felt awfully guilty for doing this; however, he thought he could get over by lying. He fabricated a silly story about a rat eating Jimmy's coins. Then he quickly demonstrated his gorgeous airplane that had a special motor to them. He insisted on sharing his toy with his little brother too. They would have joint ownership of all his model airplanes. This is how he put it to get their mind off of the rats, and coins.

Luke Could Not Look Jimmy in the Eye

Luke was too happy to begin playing with his brand-new model airplane with his brothers’. He did not have a clue, how the liar in his head had enticed him to steal, and fib to Jimmy.

As long as absolutely no one found out, he could look Jimmy in the eye. After all, Luke didn't believe stealing was so awful, since he shared his model airplane with them. He vowed not to tell Jimmy about what had truly happened to his exclusive coins, as long as he lived!

One day, Little Johnny was playing with a ball on his own in the living room area, when it accidentally pounced onto Luke’s model airplane shelf. Every model airplane crashed into multiple pieces on the cold, stone floor.

Luke simply could not believe his eyes! He swelled up with tears. All his grand airplanes were ruined, and there was no way to fix them. He really wanted to scold Little Johnny, but he realized his baby brother was innocently playing, and it was an accident. Johnny did not shatter them on purpose, and besides Luke did not possess the courage to forgive his brother, even though it was not his fault. He was just at his wit's end because his airplane collection was wrecked. There was no possible way to replace and to redo the work that had gone into building his one of a kind model airplane. This had taken years to put together!

Now, Jimmy decided to rack up his coin collection and noticed the fake coins. When he heard a ruckus in the living room, he ran straight to his younger brothers and could not fathom the look of hopelessness in their expressions. Jimmy knew he was robbed, and he vowed to diligently ask his brothers what became of his worldly coin collection.

Luke Was Sorry and Was Taken Back by Jimmy's Reaction.

The minute Luke saw Jimmy holding the plastic coins with an inquisitive look on his face; he broke into a stickler, and cried, and immediately apologized for taking his brother's precious coins. Jimmy reluctantly and then lovingly accepted his apology.

Luke could not believe he had told two lies and had tricked his older brother as well. This whole incident drew a deep wedge in his heart for being mad at his younger brother. He received a real tough punishment for stealing. He lost his airplane collection, but; nevertheless, he gained Jimmy’s love for telling the truth. What a trade-off for fibbing!

Luke then decided to unburden his heart and forgave Little Johnny too for breaking his airplanes. This got rid of the liar in his head that had somehow enticed him to do these awful things to his brothers.

Their mom was immensely proud of her children for being honest with each other, and for caring about their well-being. In no time, things got back to normal. Luke became interested in Origami, and he taught his brother's to make neat paper airplanes. Soon they forgot about the terrible incidents of last summer that could have drawn a sword between them for a long time.

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© 2012 Sheila Craan

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CrazedNovelist profile image

CrazedNovelist 4 years ago from Hampton, GA

That's a cute story, Craan. It's definitely a good example for other little boys who dishonest deeds. It's a nice way of explaining that you can be forgiven for doing something terrible and that you reap what you sow. Interesting story. :) I hope to see you around the hubs!


Craan profile image

Craan 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thank you CrazedNovelist! I try hard to teach kids the worth of moral values in a delicate manner while entertaining their growing brains.

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