Child's Story For Christmas

Red Bow Bear – Santa Letter Up In Smoke


Red Bow Bear was up very early that morning lying down on the floor in his living room playing with his favorite trucks. He had so many.  The biggest trucks were his favorite.  He had a mail delivery truck and today this one was special to him.  Red Bow had a delivery to make and it had to go straight to the airport the post office would not do today.

His airport was made of cardboard boxes his Mom had given him.

It was a cold December morning and very close to Christmas.  He was an excited little bear today because his letter to Santa Claus was ready to go in to his mail truck and to the airport for special delivery to Santa. Red Bow wanted Santa to get his letter first this year because there were so many important things in it.

Red Bow heard his Mom call him to the kitchen, “Your breakfast is ready, waffles with your favorite berries on them.”  Red Bow loved his Mom so much.  When he got to the kitchen door he could smell cookies baking in the oven.  Little bear shaped cookies wearing candy red bows designed especially for him.

Red Bows father was out in the garage sorting through Christmas boxes.

Inside each box was something pretty to put out for the holiday.  His father came inside the house and stacked the boxes next to the fireplace.

Red Bow finished up his breakfast grabbed the collar for his dog Lickers to take him out back to feel the first really cold morning of the year.  Lickers didn’t mind he ran and played with his furry coat on and scampered back in to the house with Red Bow and laid down next to the oven to warm up his frosty little paws.

Red Bow went to put his trucks away and hurried upstairs to get changed in to his red pants and a green checkered sweater then settle down to call his best friend Silly Milly Nelly.  They had been best friends for as long as he could remember.  He dialed her number and she answered on the second ring.  They began talking about their plans for the day.  Silly Milly was going out shopping with her Mom for their new Christmas outfits.  Red Bow thought this was funny because his family never bought new clothes for Christmas.  Red Bow told her he had finished his letter to Santa and was going to go back downstairs to get ready to go and mail it.

They hung up promising to see each other later that day for milk and cookies.

When Red Bow reached the living room he knew instantly by his parent’s expression that something was terribly wrong.  His Mom looked sad and his Dad looked worried.  “What’s wrong?” asked Red Bow.

His father explained that he had been in and out of the house getting the boxes from the garage inside.  On one trip in the house a big gust of wind came through just as his mother opened the oven door to check on the cookies.  This sent Red Bows letter to Santa that was lying on the kitchen table straight in to the oven in a matter of seconds. 

Red Bow went in to the kitchen and saw his letter burnt around the edges and Santa would never be able to read it. In fact it was still smoking a bit even though his Mom quickly tried to pull it out of the oven in order to save it.  His parents apologized to him letting him know they never meant for that to happen and they really felt sorry for what had happened.

Red Bow got a grin on his face which surprised his parents. Why was he smiling?  “It’s ok Mom and Dad.”  “Really it is.”  “I have an extra copy of my letter upstairs.” “I wrote one for Santa, one to keep by my bed and another to put under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve just so Santa would not forget anything.”

Mom and Dad felt much better knowing he had more letters.  Red Bow laughed so hard his chubby little bear belly began to jiggle. He thought it was funny that a gust of wind had sailed his letter right in to the open oven.  His parents started laughing too.  A disappointing event became comical and now all of their worries were gone.  Red Bows heart felt warm at that moment making him feel like such a secure little bear.

His parents set the boxes away further for later and his mother told him his special cookies had been saved as well.

With confidence Red Bow went up the stairs to his room picked up his extra copy of his letter and took it down stairs to put in his mail delivery truck.  Everything was ready all they had to do now was deliver this letter and to do that they were going up the street where his town had a North Pole mailbox.

The three of them got in to their big red car putting the heat on high to take the chill off of all of them.  It was very cold out now.  They reached the street and Red Bow got out of the car and stepped up to the mailbox.

It was frosted with ice and he stared at the green and gold speckled glitter in the ice. It was beautiful.  He gently pulled down the slot to open it and took his letter out of his mail delivery truck.  The letter slipped gently down and Red Bow made a wish a secret wish and got back in to the car with his parents.

The letter had been mailed and his parents told him they hoped Santa would bring everything he had asked for this year.

Red Bows wish list was simple.  He wanted a new pair of red slippers, four new books to read at night before he went to bed and an angel bear to sleep with.  Last but not least he absolutely wanted another new big truck to add to his collection.  If Santa thought he had been a good bear he was going to wait to see if he left Red Bow any chocolate candy, some coloring books and a pack of big RED fat crayons.  Red was his favorite color.

When their adventure was over and dinner was done Silly Milly Nelly came over as planned to have milk and cookies.  Her shopping trip went well. Her mother bought her a bright gold dress with tiny black buttons to wear on Christmas day.

They talked and laughed about Red Bows letter to Santa flying in to the oven and ended the night by listening to some Christmas songs.  Then Silly Milly went home two doors down and told Red Bow she would see him the next morning.

As Red Bow Bear got ready for bed that night Lickers was snuggling by his side while Red Bow said his nightly prayer to God.

“Please let Santa get my letter first and hope that Santa will be able to bring most of the things I asked him for.”

Such a tired little bear he drifted off to sleep.

Candy canes, airplanes and colors of green and gold frost would fill his dreams tonight.

Good night Red Bow Bear.

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Denizee profile image

Denizee 5 years ago Author

Contents of this Hub are under Copyright

ankigarg87 5 years ago

very nice story !

Denizee profile image

Denizee 5 years ago Author

Thank you I never imagined anyone reading it so quickly.

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for such a lovely story.

Duane 5 years ago

A wonderful tale for kids, Deni...I felt so nostalgic, looking back at my childhood days...

Denizee profile image

Denizee 5 years ago Author

Thank you Hello, I'm glad you enjoyed this Christmas story - I'm still playing catch up with reading others Hubs.

Blessings, Deni

Denizee profile image

Denizee 5 years ago Author

Thank you Duane, so I guess your letter to Santa went in to the oven too? (smile) See it's a toss up for me - poetry, short stories - decisions, decisions.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 5 years ago

Awesomely beautiful! Very vivid! Encore! Thank you Denizee!

Denizee profile image

Denizee 5 years ago Author

Thank you Micky. I have a collection of these handwritten stories I used to make up every night when my youngest was a toddler. He enjoyed them and asked for a new one so many times I started writing them down. Glad you enjoyed this.

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