"Chocolate" - A Sweet Poem

Chocolate Dream Cupcakes
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Chocolate - so nice & delicious,

My true love.

You may not be very nutritious,

But, you, I don't mind having a lot of.

Sweet, sweet chocolate - so sweet,

You won't ever fail to leave me.

Such a lovely treat,

Which always makes me full of glee.

Chocolate - there is a variety of forms you take on.

The more smooth and creamy,

And the better you are; the faster you're gone!

And never fail to make everything feel so much better & dreamy!

A chocolate cake,

or chocolate bar

or a brownie or cookie in the oven to bake.

The purer and nicer you are;

the more you make me sneeze,

Though I don't mind - you make my sorrows leave with ease!

Sweet, sweet chocolate - so sweet,

My true love.

Such a lovely treat,

You, I don't mind having a lot of.


© 2012 Alyssa Scheidemann

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Juliek958 profile image

Juliek958 4 years ago from Norman, Oklahoma

It's Lent and no chocolate for me but you made me want some! I like dark, smooth and creamy. You made me smile!

AlyssaScheidemann profile image

AlyssaScheidemann 4 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Glad you liked the poem Juliek958! :)

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