Chosen Paths

Rough Road from tornebug Source:
Rough Road from tornebug Source:
Healing Hands from Melu Rogi Source:
Healing Hands from Melu Rogi Source:
Release Yourself from thecoldwhisper Source:
Release Yourself from thecoldwhisper Source:

Chosen Paths

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Attuned to the soft whisper of life,

I walk the pebbled paths of learning,

my loves held closely with gentle hand,

my adversaries held even closer,

so I may understand.

I seek not to harm a single life,

instead entreat the will of angels,

to abide my hearts longing swell.

I choose truth in review,

even within the harshness

of its impact.

I can only follow my heart,

regardless of the ill-intent of others,

those who understand not,

the will of a soul released.

I choose to flow with creative thought,

seek not to judge that which stagnates,

but rather entreat movement and change.

I am but one man, with eyes open

and heart captive to love.

I choose to live on clouds,

to breathe the morning mist

and to lie with the spirits of nature,

revel in miracles

and touch the souls of my family.

I am one man with a heart open.

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Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

You'ree too kind raciniwa. I appreciate your support.

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

true indeed...a man whose heart captures the soul of another with your marvelous poems...

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