Christine Warren Novels of the Others Reading Order


What is the Novels of the Others Series About?

The Others series is a paranormal romance that revolves around paranormal creatures, anywhere from vampires, to werewolves. Many of the books in the series were previously written as short stories and published with different names. Now many of the books have been expanded and renamed.

Reading Order

With all of the rereleasing and title changing, the reading order is a little difficult to figure out since the final books in the series were not published in order. Here is the correct reading order:

1. One Bite with a Stranger 2008 (previously Fantasy Fix 2003)

2. Big Bad Wolf 2009 (previously Fur Factor 2003)

3. Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here 2010 (previously Faer Fetched 2003)

4. Black Magic Woman 2011

5. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale 2011 (previously Fighting Faer 2003)

6. On the Prowl April 24, 2012

7. Drive Me Wild November 2012 (previously Fur For All 2003)

8. Hungry Like A Wolf April 2013 (previously Fur Play 2004)

9. Wolf at the Door 2006

10. She's No Faerie Princess 2006

11. The Demon You Know 2007

12. Howl at the Moon 2007

13. Walk on the Wild Side 2008

14. You're So Vien 2009

15. Born to be Wild 2010

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