Christmas In The Amazon - Poem

Christmas In The Amazon

There at the sun's peek-a-boo state,

I lay, in the dismal

and obscure shadows of

the trees.

- Breathing, just barely.

Trying to stay alive.

Tress around me also


... begging for help.

The crickets yell, birds caw.

A tear from my heart

moistens my cheek.

Tears from the sky fall

upon the trees

giving them that sad state

of life.

The trees know,,

the animals know,

the skies know...

and worst of all,

I know. The Grim Reaper

dressed in construction

hats and boots,

is giving death to

us for Christmas.

- © Robert Hutchinson

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R.S. Hutchinson profile image

R.S. Hutchinson 5 years ago from USA Author

Thank you Ben for the kind words.

Ben Evans profile image

Ben Evans 5 years ago

Very nice work with words and metaphor. You are very good poet and I enjoy what I have read so far.



A fan 5 years ago

That was very powerful.

Judy 5 years ago

I am now a fan! This is great!

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