Christmastime poem

Christmas Excitement

Tinsel and lights

Christmas time cheer

Reindeer of rooftops

This time of the year

Angels with halos

Snowmen on wreaths

Mistletoe waiting

For those underneath

Children are anxious

Stockings are hung

Church bells are ringing

Carols are sung

Jingle bells ringing

Eggnog is served

Little ones waiting

Sleigh bells are heard

Christmas is here

Enjoy it with glee

Peace to all men

To each family

Christmas Excitement

Do you have the Christmas spirit?

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WiccanSage profile image

WiccanSage 3 years ago

How cheerful, it could be a Christmas carol. I didn't vote because while I'm not a humbug, Christmas isn't my holiday, I celebrate a different one. But your poem is really sweet and I can see your excitement & love of Christmas through it.

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