Cinderella's Step-Sister Part 3

The Stone Castle

Swirling Compassion
Swirling Compassion | Source

Who is this sister of mine?

I sought to keep my demands on Cinderella few but Mother sternly admonished us as to what we, as ladies, could or could not do. Cinderella, however, never complained. She went about her work in steady progress, working as quickly as she could. Only once, do I recall, upon entering the kitchen, searching for Housekeeper, did I stumble on Cinderella quietly sobbing behind the kitchen chimney. Not revealing my presence I left silently, but was profoundly and strangely moved by the incident.

Cinderella’s dignified poise in spite of all her circumstances slowly awoke a strange kind of kindness in me, which had previously lain dormant in my heart. I would think, and think, and think about this but did not or could not comprehend the growth of natural human compassion in my heart. I found myself wanting to bring a little more joy into Cinderella’s life; become a little more acquainted, not enough to be disgraced mind you, but just enough to know her a little.

Once, I left Cinderella a little bit of colorful ribbon together with some old lace to adorn her tired gown. Regrettably, this did not have the end result I had wished for. When Cinderella wore her treasure of ribbon and lace, Mother and Annabelle insisted she had stolen them, no matter that I came to her defense. My gesture of kindness, instead of making life better for Cinderella, had instead brought her more grief. After that, I sought more tangible ways to cheer her, leaving flowers in her garret room, nice sweetmeats and truffles, which I brought away from mealtimes. Once I even left her an old picture book with which to amuse herself, as I was certain she could not read.

Beautiful Tall Feathers
Beautiful Tall Feathers | Source
The Kings Document!
The Kings Document! | Source
Father says Wait!
Father says Wait!

The Kings Document!

A few months later, when spring had marvelously appeared, the household was again set all astir. This time however, a very important document was delivered to my Stepfather by the King’s courier. A King’s courier! Imagine that. Such a thing had by no means ever occurred in our household. How elegant this courier looked in his cream colored hose, his deep emerald colored vestment which went over a trumpeted sleeved blouse. And how could I ever forget the graceful feathers which stood so tall from his jaunty cap. I barely able to keep my eyes decorously averted from all the finery.

We could hardly restrain our exasperation when Stepfather decided he had to open the document in the privacy of his study. Mother and Annabelle paced a rutted pathway on the floor of the passage-way, as they devised imaginary errands which would enable them to watch should Stepfather emerge. Finally, with unusual self-possession, Stepfather opened the door. We all came scurrying and hovered around for the news. It soon became apparent however, that it would not be forthcoming soon. Stepfather had decided to take advantage of his unexpected control over the heretofore uncontrollable ladies of his home, and grandly announced we would have to wait till the evening meal. No amount of cajoling or petulant demanding could break the news from his lips. It wasn’t until Stepfather threatened us with a much longer wait that he was finally left in peace.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...
Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Stepfather's Payback!

With Mother and Annabelle pouting, we all retired to our private chambers to speculate what could have brought a King’s courier to our home.

Annabelle felt sure it was an invitation to court but Mother said that was ridiculous as it was out of season. But she could not come up with any other reason other than a dire one which is why she decided Stepfather was delaying in sharing the news as he was protecting us. However, even I could tell that she did not really believe this either. At length it was decided there was nothing to do but wait. Mother went to sit with Stepfather, in case he changed his mind, Annabelle went to harass Cinderella in her frustration and I went to my room to dream.

At long last the bell rang announcing our evening meal. Stepfather acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary and carried on as normal, causing great pain of waiting for the rest of us. Finally the meal was over and Stepfather had finished postulating. But not before he gave a rather lengthy speech regarding the esteem we should all hold for the reigning Monarch and the obvious honor it was for the King to have sent this missive. Stepfather did at last though produce the official ornate document from the folds of his coat to the great sighs of all who were present, servants included. Cinderella, Where was she? Why she was never included in the dining hall to eat meals with us. The girl would have had no manners whatsoever and well, Annabelle would never have stood it.

With a great theatrics the contents of the document was revealed. In the scroll was an official invitation to the King’s Ball to be held at midsummer’s eve in honor of His Royal Highness, The Prince. Stepfather, Mother, including all the marriageable daughters of the house were invited to attend this gala event.

Oh my, such excitement. Stepfather was straight away forgotten as the impact of the news was realized. Mother, completely beside herself, began planning. All her efforts on our behalf were at long last coming to fruition. Annabelle swooned, as she is wont to do when excited for any reason. Such topsy-turvy excitement, the whole affair was better to watch than when the troubadours came with their entertainments.

To be continued...

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rls4immanuel 6 years ago

Very good job Ulrike Grace. Your characters are sooo....alive and relatable. I would venture to say that every one of your readers can feel something from these characters and are drawn to sympathize with one in particular. I would like to give stepfather a good swift kick in the but! oopps! did i actually say that?

UlrikeGrace profile image

UlrikeGrace 6 years ago from Canada Author are too funny! If you lived, one man, in a household of women like Stepmother and her girls...what you do...ah, you mean his neglect of Ella! Ah yes...that is hard to understand isn't it. But emotions are strong things and can make a person do what they may not "normally" do. Bless you for reading and for your delightful interactive reponses. Ulrike Grace

Inge 6 years ago

This is really excellent, Ulrike. A pleasant new twist on an old tale where one of the stepsisters is discovering that she has a heart. Great job ~ can't wait for the next instalment.

UlrikeGrace profile image

UlrikeGrace 6 years ago from Canada Author

Inge, isn't it great! I don't have to "think" the story line but it is a great exercise on viewpoint etc. Thanks for reading I can't wait for the next instalment either :-)

Bless you my girl and give your hubby a hug from me...Love Ulrike Grace

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

Ulrike Grace: Voted up and beautiful. It is good to see that you have stepped outside the box of Christianity to do some writing, but I can also see the influence here. Well done.

UlrikeGrace profile image

UlrikeGrace 6 years ago from Canada Author

Dave, thank you for stopping and having a read...I love to write both adult and children's fiction and have done a fair bit of writing in that. I'm glad you enjoyed my little spoof so far...blessings to you Ulrike Grace

parrster profile image

parrster 5 years ago from Oz

Great writing, great story. voted up and beautiful. cinderella from the eyes of the step sister. It's amazing how a well known story can take on such new poignancy when told from the position of a different character. Blessings.

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