Circles in Circles--the Cycle of Life

Original art piece by   C. Elizabeth Elias     9-3-10
Original art piece by C. Elizabeth Elias 9-3-10


Life, a circle,

               ever turns.


              living, laughing

                               crying, dying.

It endless comes

              around again.

Circles in circles

               in circles unbroken;

Nature's way,

              a great circle dance.

Constant and normal,

                all understood;

We nevermind it:

               these spheres are afar.

The broken circle's unbroken--

                      another fills in.

Until it's our own circle

                      that's breached.




© 3-12-90 C. Elizabeth Carl;

©rev.5-16-10 C. Elizabeth (Carl) Elias

This poem was written about 14 years after my dad passed away. As an only child, whose parents were pretty much my best friends, I did not process the event well; it hurt even more to know that he died alone, my mom and I attending the birthday celebration of my youngest child--at his urging, we'd gone anyway, even though he begged off, saying he had indigestion. He was already gone when I took Mom home afterwards....I berated myself for years for not being there, as I had recently completed a class in CPR.

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Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

Like the circles that form on the surface of the water when a single raindrop falls into it, forming then enlarging and spreading outward until they finally disappear. Nice poem DML. Thanks for sharing! WB

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