City woman drumming


Drumming lessons

I recently started with drumming lessons. Sometimes I practice early in the morning but have to keep it very soft to avoid waking up the neighbourhood. This inspired me to write a poem

Our Saturday morning drumming lesson
Our Saturday morning drumming lesson

City Woman Drumming

I play a simple rhythm

On my Djembe drum

from Senegal

Drive away the images

from my early morning dreams

Up our avocado tree

To regain substance

for the night


I play a soft rhythm

On my Djembe drum

from Senegal

The impatient Africa sun,

waiting all night for my call

Extracts the darkness

From inside

the objects around me


I listen to the rhythm

Of my Djembe drum

from Senegal

My hands –

detached now from my mind

Recognise the pointless

Compulsion to be useful all day

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writer20 profile image

writer20 4 years ago from Southern Nevada

Great poem, Voted up and interesting.

elnavann profile image

elnavann 4 years ago from South Africa Author

@writer20 - Thank you your comment is appreciated

shimlahillstation profile image

shimlahillstation 4 years ago from India

You are good. Normally i find poems are boring but your quite interesting.

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