Civil War Then and Now

The Endangered Osprey

THEN 1864

My musket gets heavy as the hundreds of bayonets
glisten in the sunset on Gettysburg ridge.
The captain gives orders for the calvary
to stop here and burn the bridge.

I feel disgusted as I take a blue wool
jacket from a dead union soldier.
And wrap the extra blanket over
the haversack on my shoulder.

We have walked from Washington
all the way to Pennsylvania's border.
Waiting now in line for hardtack and
water no special order.

The bodies lie scattered along the fields
waiting for the burial details to come.
Name tags pinned inside the jackets
a way to notify some of thier loved ones.

Forty five thousand dead in three days of
fghting and I have never been so tired.
Blackened faces from all the black powder
on both sides fired.

Who would Imagine so many dead boys
rotting in the burning sun.
Who could find victory in this hell like
place where no one has won.

NOW 2024

I never would have imagined unmanned drones
fighting each other over the cities.
Or New York city wiped from the face
of the earth ....without the least pity.

A dirty bomb detonated on the
state of Californias coast.
Three million people dead in one day
according to the Washinton post.

Our sons and daughters gone to
battlefields unknown.
The love of country never again
will be shown.

Our congress in exile in Montreal city
the president in some unknown location.
Mexico offering arms for the soldiers
invading with no provocation.

It all started with talk of a peaceful
secession and now look.
One american against the other again
the talk of war was all it took.

A nation born of wars ......a breed of young men
brought up on electronic battles.
Thats what happens when intellectuals think
and the sabers begin thier rattles.

 Note:  This is my dedication to those who talk of seccession today, man has unique way of forgetting the lessons of the past , the sacrifices of his forefathers and the unending pain of his foremothers.  If nothing more he should act in the interests of his childrens future. As well as his countries past.


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