Closet Junk-Food Junkie

Closet Junk-Food Junkie

 Against all fats I cry out in alarm;

Disdain the shaker full of salt, and spice my food with herbs.

Sugar is not good for you, I righteously proclaim,

And try to steer my children down the path of nutriment.

About cholesterol I am aware, so do not eat red meat.


But in my closet, on the shelf, there lurks a chocolate bar.

And in the cupboard (just in case) I keep a brownie mix.

I need these things around me to get my chocolate fix.

Yes, I'm a junk-food junkie, but I'm not out of the closet yet...

For I must stash that mint in my purse.

And pass on by the donut shop, when I am out alone?

Oh, no, I can't;  the siren calls out to the chocoholic within.


And yet I ramble on and on about eating healthy foods;

But in my drawer, a chocolate bar

To quench that midnight yen.


I've finally hit rock bottom now,

I guess the worst has come.

For just last week I found

a sadly lonely chocolate, well hid from prying eyes.

Too well hidden, alas, I fear, for even I did not find it in time.

This morsel which I now behold

Has gone white-burned and smells strongly--of mildew--eeewww!


A terrible waste; I cannot bear

But throw it out I must;  I shed a tear as it silent fell upon the crumpled wrap.


Now I must ask, is it too late?  Have I crossed the line?

Or is there help for folks like me--'Chocoholics Anonymous,' perhaps?


For well I know I should not stuff my face with sugary sweets..

And yet, lord knows--it's my only vice!



©  2-17-88 C.E. Carl

© 4-2010 C. E. (Carl) Elias

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