Color Me Dark

Color Me Dark

I live in the reminiscence of death in shadows

I sow my seeds still, yet in darkness, no meadows

I have floated long in my own whimsical buoyancy

I have now drowned in my own invisible culpability

I did not try to stand up, submerge or dive in ever

I have thus drifted so far into the dark it seems clever

That I might have finally woken up from foolish floats

I have anchored where its too far for rescue boats

I have reached the mile post with no miles written

I can see an endless road surrounded in cold barren

I don’t know how to reach heaven or hell if I qualify

I don’t know how to make the dead silence amplify

I don’t know what lies in the next 100 miles’ survey

I’m well past my point of true remorse to convey

I can but only try to see beyond the horizon ahead

I can walk arid lanes knowing not where I’m headed

I’m in darkness where the sun, moon, stars don’t live

I am Death, Color me dark and I shall then believe

I can hardly trust my surviving instincts that still talk

I can no longer talk with my mouth but I will walk

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echoe0021 profile image

echoe0021 5 years ago from Conway, AR

I loved it, can't quite offer a critique at the moment, but I loved your word choice in this. It will require more reads to come to a fuller grasp of the content, but the rhythm was good.

arijitm2000 profile image

arijitm2000 5 years ago from Mid-west, Texas, Jersey, Florida, Mumbai, & Hyderabad (India) Author

Thanks 'echoe0021'...

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