Come Around

Come Around

So, you finally come around

After so long, So many lonely nights

What has changed?

Perhaps your lonlieness has gotten the best of you

Perhaps you have thoughts of me more than you want

Perhaps you want me back

or just want a little fun and little love.

I have played with the thought of us in my head

I have fantasized of your kisses and touches

That sexy body

Those strong arms

Those rugged hands

They all tempt me so much.

If I see you again

What will it mean?

If you make a move

will It be seen

Will I accept it?

Probably because I love your touch

so very much.

Your body on mine

would be so fine,

but can I handle it?

Will it open some doors?

Will it bring back feelings?

Feelings that are probably still there?

It's like playing with fire.

Igniting feelings that have burned away.

Letting you in again

We called if off for a reason

Sometimes I think the reason wasn't good enough.

Nothing has changed since.

If it has perhaps, I could let you in

but right now, I'm guarding my heart

Not letting my emotions get the best of me

Not letting your lust

make me just bust

Can it be, at all, real?

I know how I feel

After so long, how will I feel when I see you?

When I touch you

When I hug you?

I just don't know

I might just go with the flow.

and hope for the best

or I will never rest.

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KatrineDalMonte 4 years ago

Hi Linda, it's a nice poem.

You're fighting with your emotions...People may say it's better to remember it as it was whole, rather than trying to glue the broken pieces back together. But you never know...

Voted up and beautiful.

cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 4 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

Linda, very nice poem, "I have played with the thought of us in my head".

our imagination is strongest when we ficus on love lost.

LindaQ79 profile image

LindaQ79 4 years ago Author

Thanks for the comments! Always nice to get feedback!

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