Come .......slip into my river.....

If I was to take my clothes off and step
into the same sandy river
Before cool of evening begins
take my hand ..... feel the shiver

The river would say " where had
you gone....... my old friend"
"I was wondering......would I ever see
you here again"

Each and every stone tumbled here
in ions of high water storms
Nothing though.... looks out of place as
the sunshine warms

Ahh, it's as if the same water is flowing
as was running then couldn't be ......but the rapids sound
alive my friend

Stepping back in time I hear the screech
of children at play
I see the sun rise through the pines
and the shadowy ends of day

Just for a moment ....the melancholy
echoes of silvery summer skies
Even here in the rivers memory
as tender mercies arrise

Come ....slip into my river......

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ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Randy Behave yourself , LOL thank you for the heads up.!.....:-}

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