Comic Books A Thing Of The Past?

Sitting down one night, I noticed I still had some of my older comic books laying around. Now my kids are basically bookworms who will pick up anything and start to read it without even thinking twice about it. Let me tell you, this definitely makes for some awkward situations when they decide to pick up some books that are not exactly meant for them. Before you think porn, I will tell you I mean more of the National Geographics which are not meant for their age group. This led me to thinking the best option I may have is getting some comic books for them to read.

Heading to the local store that my husband used to get his new issues from yielded absolutely no results. I even asked about them in the store and the clerk told me they had been phasing them out because they were not great sellers. Now, for someone my age, I grew up with my brother constantly having them laying around, it was basically the only reading materials you could get and understand. However, now they are telling me they are not popular and not being carried in the store because they were not selling. Talk about sounding absolutely silly to me, my kids loved looking in the older issues even if they cannot understand some of the words because of the wording.

I decided I would do some research and found within about a twenty mile radius of my home their is only one store who sells comic books. Now this is a drastic change from a few years ago when about ten stores were around. Stopping in at the local store, I was thankful to notice the atmosphere was friendly and allowed me to do quite a bit of shopping for my kids. Now this brought up the next problem I was having and this was finding the proper ones for my children to read. Thankfully the guy who owns Parkers, is very friendly and decided to inform me about three or four different ones which were proper for my kids. Some of these were the older ones, but he also pointed out that Scooby Doo and certain Batman issues are very kid friendly, and Spiderman has some which are meant specific for children.

This actually worked out perfect for me because one of my sons favorite people, ever since he seen the preview for a movie is Spider-man. Now this meant I would have to get my son some of these comic books, but that was fine because the price of the older issues is not that high. However, it does take a while to get them shipped out to you if you order off the Internet. Nothing is worse than when you have a five year old asking you every five seconds if he got anything in the mail! However, with the Scooby Doo they are fairly new, but this means I am able to get the issues as they come out. This is a great tool at teaching my daughter, who these issues are for, patience. She has to wait until the issues come out, but also has to wait until we go to the store to get them from Parkers.

Looking down at my comic books I laugh to myself as I remember the great joys these used to bring for me to enjoy. Now I am able to sit down and see my children enjoying reading comic books as well, but in the book itself not off of an electronic reader of some type. Then I remember this little journey of mine all started with the fact that my kids wanted to read some of the same ones that I used to read and enjoy. Without them asking about this, I would have been one of the thousands of people who would bypass this and only get E-reader items for my children depriving them of the best learning tool around, comic books.

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Do You Think Comic Books Are Dying? 6 comments

Poetic Fool 5 years ago

It's a shame that they aren't read as much but reading is down in general, I think. I remember with great fondness getting new comics, devouring them in no time and then trading it to a friend for another. They were great ways to fan the flames of imagination which, I also fear, is on the wane. Thanks for sharing this interesting hub.

Isabellas profile image

Isabellas 5 years ago from Ohio Author

I have to agree with you Poetic, I know my kids absolutely love the comics. We have even started home schooling them to ensure they can have the proper reading exposure since schools are just about getting the kids pushed through.

Poetic Fool 5 years ago

We home schooled our kids up to middle school and when they started public schools they were so far ahead it was amazing. The first graduated high school with an 'A' average, the second was valedictorian and the third is on track to do the same. And they all were involved in athletics all four years. I would like to say they inherited their dad's brains but I'm convinced it was the home schooling and individualized attention. I can't say enough about home schooling. Best of luck to you with your home school efforts. You kids will reap the benefits!

leroy64 profile image

leroy64 5 years ago from Dallas, Texas (Oak Cliff)

I think the publishers are selling issues on their websites or were trying to. Brick and mortar bookstores are suffering if they don't access the e-book market. I suspect that comic books are just adapting, not going away.

Isabellas profile image

Isabellas 5 years ago from Ohio Author

I agree with you leroy64. The stores do have to adapt and like everyone that I talked to said digital is the best way to go. However, not everyone wants to have an E-reader and spend hours sitting in front of a screen reading something.

Joe 5 years ago

Everybody buys comics off eBay. or at least thats what I do.

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