Coming Back to Hubpages - Hope I feel welcome This time Around



A Return?

I was speaking with a valuable colleague and friend a few days ago, she and I used to write on another general writing site, and I have added some material to her web site, which discusses writing in general.

One of the things that is important when writing in any location is to be able to adapt to the style of that site. Perhaps a more important element to success is to ensure that you will have people read your material once it is published and to do that your material needs to be visible to all, yet that is difficult when no-one knows you, so before writing anything I felt it important to start looking around and perhaps find some followers - to my mind a vital start point (even if I have been a member forever)

First time Around!

When I first discovered Hubpages, I was looking into all of the sites that offered payment for publishing. I had earned some money by adding Adsense to my own blog, not that I felt a part of a community when writing my own blog - I knew people were reading it because the statistics showed this, but it was only on rare occasions I received any comment. I was looking for other sites to earn from, but was still unsure of myself as a writer (and perhaps still seeking an identity as a writer).

I wrote seven pages for Hubpages, then stopped abruptly, perhaps because at that time I started to interact well on Triond and did not get the same feedback on Hubpages.

Bird display


Becoming a Wikinut!

If you know who I am you may recognise that I am a moderator on Wikinut, the location where I have done the majority of my writing over the past few years, indeed I continue to love that site, but more recently I have been looking around for other choices, hence the series about sentences that is part published on 2 Drops of Ink as part of a collaboration with other writers.

I am spending more and more time writing, including commissions, these days and I am hopeful that I shall be able to earn a full time living from it soon.

The Butterfly


Second Time Around

I was encouraged by Marilyn Davies to return to Hubpages earlier this week and thought that there might be value in returning and so far I like what I see. The community seems to be active, although I guess the 7 articles that I originally posted have been lost in the backwaters of the site and are no longer featured - not surprising if I have not been present on the site at all.

In truth the time has come to start again, building on Hubpages with new intent, to make it work this time around and be taken seriously as a contributor, to connect with other writers and show what I am capable off.

It is necessary for a writer to look for many places in order to showcase their work, I am intending to cross pollinate material, that is provide links in all of my work in order to enhance its value on the web, and hopefully drive readers to read articles on many sites. Social Media also takes on special importance in spreading the word and gaining readership, so I will be posting the new articles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and others. In a way this posting has been a manifesto to take Hubpages more seriously on my second time around.

The Necessary Edit?

Hubpages certainly monitors the material on the site, telling me that some of the links on this site were broken, then telling me that the article (which has been published for some time now) may be considered over promotional because it has three or more links to another site (something I would definitely disagree with - it would be possible to use more than 3 links when critiquing someone else's work) and there is a difference between another site and different articles on that site.

After editing I am told it contains violations - which it does not. Not sure that Hubpages knows what it is talking about.

Blind Man's Shoes by Peter Giblett
Blind Man's Shoes by Peter Giblett

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MDavisatTIERS profile image

MDavisatTIERS 21 months ago from Georgia

Good evening, Peter; welcome back, good writing, and let's hope this starts to feel like a comfortable place for both of us to write. ~Marilyn

Nancy Czerwinski 21 months ago

Peter, excellent article. Thank you for sharing some of your writing experiences. I've been writing on many different sites for years. I'm always looking for new places to share my work.

ChitrangadaSharan profile image

ChitrangadaSharan 21 months ago from New Delhi, India

Interesting hub about your writing experiences! Welcome back to HubPages and wish you all the best.

I enjoy writing here at HP and will be completing three years next month. When I started writing here I was a complete fresher to online writing. I am still learning and your hub also enlightened me.

Glad to meet you and Thanks for the follow as well!

pgiblett profile image

pgiblett 21 months ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Chitrangada, I am glad to see there is more of a community here now - I think most of all I like to find that most of all.

wikihowto profile image

wikihowto 21 months ago

Welcome back

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 21 months ago from New York

Welcome back. Followers are gained by following and commenting. You won't make much money here but you sure can learn a lot and share a lot.

Voted up and interesting.

annart profile image

annart 21 months ago from SW England

It's certainly worth being here, to develop writing and to interact with a supportive group of people. I love the varied subjects we can read about and the standard of writing that shines in most fields of knowledge.

I believe it's good to go ahead and publish articles, get the feedback and somehow the whole thing snowballs! As you say, not much money to be made but a whole load of experience and advice.

Thank you for following me, welcome back to hubpages and I hope you enjoy the experience.


Mel Carriere profile image

Mel Carriere 21 months ago from San Diego California

I wish you good luck here. I too have dabbled in other fly by night writing sites and I have three of my own blogs that are gradually starting to take off, but I love this Hub Pages community and although it has its problems I think it is very professionally run. Nice to make your acquaintance, great hub!

billybuc profile image

billybuc 21 months ago from Olympia, WA

Well welcome back. I hope you find as much enjoyment here as I have.

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 21 months ago from Australia

G'day Peter and welcome back to Hubpages. What a shame that you only gave yourself 7 pages to judge Hubpages,

I hope you enjoy it more this time around and I do agree with you that HP is a well run site :)

Uzochukwu Mike profile image

Uzochukwu Mike 21 months ago from Oba

Welcome back to Hubpages. Become serious with Hubpages and Hubpages will be serious with you.

CatherineGiordano profile image

CatherineGiordano 21 months ago from Orlando Florida

I'm still less than a year here, but I like it. I hope you will continue to write and be active on Hub Pages.

RonElFran profile image

RonElFran 21 months ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

Welcome back, Peter. After looking around quite a bit, I've reached the conclusion that in today's online world you can't beat HubPages as a home for serious writers. There certainly are challenges here, but it's worth it.

pgiblett profile image

pgiblett 21 months ago from Ontario, Canada Author

I would like to thank you all - keen to get involved in this community.

AliciaC profile image

AliciaC 20 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

Welcome back, Peter. I hope you enjoy your return and are successful.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 20 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

Well piglett, I've read your work and I think it sucks, a complete waste of anyone's time, you should go back to wikinuts instead of promoting your "how to improve yourself propaganda" here and btw...

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 20 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

pgiblett profile image

pgiblett 20 months ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Thank you for the wind up! That was really nicely done.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 20 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

Thank you! for quenching my April Fools Day prey drive! I've waited since the day you published the hub to do that. I was totally humiliated by an April Fools Day joke (wrote a hub page on it) and ever since have this need to, well, to pass it on, I guess.

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