Comments....LIke Music To Our Peers.

Comments are like......Music To Our Peers.


once the "o!!!"
of appreciation is removed
leaves C-mment
a form of cement for poets
to hold on to their dreams
and know that they are building
on something tangible
so often in a
creative whirlwind
they spread out thoughts
in neat lines
stacked carefully on top
of each other
hoping it will hold up to
the world's mad rush by
hoping that someday
others will pass by and
someone will pause
to admire the workmanship
with a little comment
comes a soft "O' uttered
and released leaving
the cement that is then
squeezed from one heart
to remain pressed
between the lines of another's
comments bring inspiration
writing a comment
on another's poem
has fortified my own work
Many of my own poems
have come from comments
I have made
on the mind works of another
so comment if you feel
it is warranted
be constructive
share some material
and watch the gains it brings
I am sure you will soon find
that when the O's are removed
by those who are touched
by your addition to their structure
we will have walls of poems
and comments stretching sky high
with whole cities around us in which
to walk literate paths together
sharing in the architecture
of like minds
building dreams
Brick one.....................
starts here...........mortar please???........

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