Communism in 1984 and In the Time of the Butterflies


Communism has been a very controversial issue since 1917 when Russia started its communist regime.1984 is a fiction book that shows some of the ideals of a communist based government, and how the daily life of a person can be affected by communism. In the time of the Butterflies is another book that is historical fiction, which also shows how communism works in society; however it is based off true events. Communism will not work for any country as long as corruption still plagues this world, which can be seen in 1984, and In the Time of the Butterflies. This point can be shown through looking at how communism has affected history, how it is viewed in two different books, and the techniques that communist governments have tried to use.

Communism has a long history to it that starts from the beginning of humanity where everybody worked to support each other, and everybody was equal, except for the leader, which if communism really worked then there would be no leader. This worked for the longest time, because this is what kept civilizations alive, and kept humanity alive, the support of each other. But as the world kept advancing it started to change, because people no longer needed to be equal, because the basic human needs had been met, so people wanted more, but this went against what communism was about. So governments changed to how the people were forming, and then a free market economy was created. Some of the more religious people kept some of the basic ideas of communism as part of their belief. An example of this is the Christians that decided to share their land and property, because it was believed that it was a distraction from your faith. This does not just go with Christianity, but with many other religions.

In the time of the butterflies is a perfect example of this point. It is based off of a government in the Dominican Republic that is communist run. At the start of the book there is a family that is middle/upper class, and they have no problem with the government, because it has kept them happy, and caused them no problems. As the main characters grow up they slowly learn about the corruption that is going on inside of the government, and how it is not always looking after the people’s best interests, but their personal ones. As the girls learn about this they decide that they want to do what’s best for their country, so they join the revolution against the government. From the start of the book you see that all the people have to much cowardice to try to go against the government, but as the revolution started you could see that cowardice go away, and turn to just fear, which is how communist governments try to rule its people, through fear. Cowardice fear is when the people are so afraid of the government that they are not even willing to stand up for their rights, but just do as they are told. Fear is just when the people are cautious in their actions, such that they do not get caught by the government, but they are still willing to stand up for their rights. In the end the government has proven to have its flaws to it, corruption, which causes it to fall under the people who are trying to bring it down.

1984, by George Orwell, is another great example of how societies run by communism will never work, even though the main character in this book is defeated by the government in the end. It still shows that the only way this type of government will be able to control its people is through extreme fear. Winston is the main character of the book, and he lives the average life in that society, every day he wakes up and does the same routine that he has been assigned to do. Slowly he starts to rebel against the government, it started off with just expressing his emotions through a diary. This was because the society had system thing called Big Brother which was on at all times, and could be watching you, or listening to you at any point in time. Then he decided to try to break more and more rules, until he realized that all the things that the government said were bad were not so bad. This is when he decides to lead a revolt against the government, but then he is captured by a government spy that has been pretending to be his friend and help him out. At the end of the book the main character, Winston, is broken by the government, and accepts Big Brother into his life, because of how strong the fear was of Big Brother decided to no longer fight him, but to accept him because it was not worth revolting against him.

This idea of running a government through fear was expressed in the book The Prince. This book is one of the main books that was read by almost all of the dictators, and communists since the 16th century when the book was written, such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. The influence this book has had on the world has been tremendous, it teaches that a leader should lead his, or her people through fear, and that he or she should be feared, or he or she will be taken over or betrayed. This is what they do in the book 1984. The people were ruled through fear of the government, and fear of revolting. In the Time of the Butterflies, the people were also ruled through fear, except once the revolution it was no longer a cowardice fear, but a fear as a caution.

The point that is made is that communism will never work in the real world due to corruption. This is proven through two different books that we have read in class, and by multiple different examples in the real world. The only way that it does look like it is possible is through fear, but this is an inhumane way to rule a nation, and to treat your people.

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Zach 5 years ago

this makes me think of ham and cheese for some reason i not know why? WHAT DO???

Thomas Scardino Skowhegan, ME 5 years ago

This is a really breathtaking article. I can tell you wrote this from the heart. Brings tears to my eyes and makes me want to take another sip of this chunky corn chowder!

4 years ago

Every type of government is susceptible to corruption, every type government can be good if lead by the right people even a dictatorship or monarch.

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