Confused Again

Confused Again

In the past, i have found

I am only lonely, when your not around

my mind has some confusion

of whether i am winning or losing

I don't know what i should do

I am so in love with you

I want to give you time

but when i do, i lose my mind.

I feel the need for your kiss

so softly touch my lips

for the warmness of your arms

to wrap around me with your charms

I wish that you would help me

I wish that you could see

How much it is Love you

with you is where I want to be.

VLH 1985


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IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

abeE1--well I am not sure how to answer that--I have been writing for as long as I can remember--I have never considered my self a poet -just someone who writes alot of 'poetry' which is to me just my whole life on paper-my thought feelings emotions-I don't really have to think about what to say it just happens--so I guess i could say I am expierenced - but only from my own point of view..

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abeE1 6 years ago

I thought it was a short but sweet type of poem.

Are you an experienced poet or just starting out?

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