Confusion - poem


Place and Time


In a dazed state I think of wonder beyond all human imagination. The glaze on my eyes becomes a window into the soul of space, and time looses its measure. As my pupils decrease in size, I focus on the tiny spots dancing on a dark blue surface. Around, around, around again, almost as if floating on air. I blink but still watch in confused awe. Bodies moving together in harmony and perfection, as if waiting for nothing in particular, that may never come. A slight change in their movement suggests something is near. I blink, but slower now. Remembering that time no longer exists here. Never faltering, still they dance, around, around, around, again in total perfection...Perfection, a Utopia with hands, arms, and eyes wondering side to side as the spots go round and round. A change again, is something near? I blink but my eyes are shut awhile, remembering I don't care, for these spots are not mine. Their beauty may be strinking, but their souls are amiss. Shells of beings...see it in their eyes? Round and round maybe faster now. A change, they begin to rise. Round and round they float away. I close my eyes, sigh, and wonder about the new generation.

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mylife=adventure profile image

mylife=adventure 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Amazing. This got my creative juices all fired up thanks for sharing. Keep posting ill keep reading.

AmyTaylor profile image

AmyTaylor 6 years ago Author

thanks! Im glad your juices are ready to write!

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