Conscious unconscious Subconscious

How fukin' obnoxious,

creation sustaining destruction,

dawn afternoon dusk,

vastly powerful concepts all rolling around in verbal expression,

tied to a symbol,


home is known so into the center, away milky memories galaxy remembers,

black hole sun,

gardens sound around reflecting light,


See it... Alright,

off into the night... Fly,

spy vs. spy... One side black & the other white,

locked into a constant fight,

for what...



Or right's???

It's your right to life,

or two live live',


as we all season to thrive,

heating up our collective minds,

eye just got pepper in my I,


CUS I can't follow rules while healing with handed down tools,

fool... Stuck in this hard knock school,

it's past due and it's time now to construct a better view,

butt what is 'it'???

Did I erect 'IT'...

Or is 'it' hidden right before my very ii's,


as sight,

staring up high at stars shining bright in the night, I search on never no-ing what I might find,

well... Until the last line

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Phoebe Pike 3 years ago

I can definitely say that was one of the most interesting things I have seen all day. Great work.

goego profile image

goego 3 years ago from Loserland Author

Thank you Phoebe :)

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