Writing Tips By Having A Writing Partner Or Buddy In Your Writing Project


In the previous article or hub, it was mentioned that learning from a writing partner is one of the other resources on how you can improve your writing. A writing partner serves as a friend and on the other hand can serve as your imaginary boss to ensure your writing project and goals are attained in a timely manner. Your writing partner serves as your comrade as well since both of you can benefit from each other. Sharing of thoughts, feedbacks and helping each other out is one of the benefits of having a writing partner. Your writing partner not just serves as a partner alone but can also serve as a good friend. In this hub or article, I will be providing some bene0fits of having a writing partner. Read more on the hub or article below to find out more.

A buddy will always guide you.
A buddy will always guide you. | Source

Guidance and support

A writing partner gives you guidance and makes sure that you are on the right track in your writing project. It is recommended that as a writer, you must have a writing partner to guide you in achieving your goals. Your writing partner will guide you to success by providing you good feedback, ideas, and recommendation on how to improve your work together with tips that can help you improve your skills in writing. Your writing partner also gives you support when it comes to ideas that you have come up with especially if these ideas are quite risky to do that can either degrade or improve the quality of your work. Your writing partner or friend also gives you moral support to ensure that you finish your work.

A writing buddy will always provide feedback for improvement.
A writing buddy will always provide feedback for improvement. | Source

Feedback and improvement

It was mentioned in one of the benefits of having a writing partner that you can improve your skills from the tips and recommendations that your writing partner can give. Through various feedback you are given ideas on what to improve on and what to maintain in your work. As a writer, you cannot criticize your own work which is the reason why somebody such as your writing partner should do for improvement purposes. Your writing partner serves as your critique and make sure you take this positively and not offensively. Think about what you can gain from feedback that are given to you to improve your work. Doing best practices time over time is attained from gathering feedback coming from your writing partner allowing you to gain and keep these skills in the long run especially in your pursuit in your career as being a writer.

Writing buddies will give you ideas.
Writing buddies will give you ideas. | Source

New projects or ideas

A writing partner not only provides support and motivation. Through helpful feedback they can also give you new projects or ideas that you can work on especially if you do not have any active projects. This regularly happens because your writing partner focuses on a specific type of writing. A good example of this is your writing partner is trying to master their skills when it comes to novels and they have ideas for a story or an article. They would rather share this idea rather than going into waste. That is where you come in, on the same time; you are focusing on mastering your writing skills in writing articles or other types of writing project. Your partner will definitely help you out and make sure you do the same thing with your writing partner by providing those useful ideas or projects that they might do in the event that they ran out of projects to do.

Just like Doctors, your writing buddy will have some suggestions for you.
Just like Doctors, your writing buddy will have some suggestions for you. | Source

Comments and suggestions

As mentioned in the previous tips, your writing partner serves as one of your critiques. Through their comments and suggestions you will learn and will definitely improve your skills in writing. Do not get me wrong, feedback and comments are quite different. Feedback are facts that are seen in your work where on the other hand comments are not seen in your work and can be applied in your written project. It goes hand and hand while the concept still remains the same. On top of that, feedback are subjective and can sometimes hurt the feelings of the writer where in comments is the opposite. It is all about praises on the things you did in your project and what are the things that can still improve this written work.

As the famous saying "Focus is the key to success".
As the famous saying "Focus is the key to success". | Source

Gives focus

Your writing buddy or partner encourages you to focus on your goals and not only that, because they let you focus on your work. Not knowingly, the small things they do to you or say to you has a great impact in your work. A simple feedback or comment coming from them makes you focus and correct anything that needs to be corrected. Focus is something innate in us, it just has to be awoken by somebody else or we as writers have to trigger it. If you can recall in the previous hub or article, focus is something that is needed by writers to finish or accomplish their work and their goal.

A friend will help you be more productive.
A friend will help you be more productive. | Source

Increase productivity

Productivity can be defined as the number of work that you contribute in your project. In short, it is the amount of work you have rendered and finished in your writing project. Your writing buddy increases your productivity in many ways. Ways such as giving feedback, comments, ideas and many more. Allowing you to be more creative and more prone to coming up with results. A writer can be productive in many ways as well but in most cases productivity comes from the push of other resources such as your writing partner or buddy.


It is nice to write alone in silence because you can concentrate on your work and finish it without distractions, but it is more fun to work with a partner who can definitely help you in your writing project. Having a writing partner is just one of the options that you can consider to improve your writing through other resources. It is also recommended that you can do both, working alone to focus on your work and finish your work while working with your writing partner when you are not alone and trying to gather ideas and concepts on how to improve your work.

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