Crave the Glory

I crave the glory in the glow of

your eyes as you finger through

the pages, reading to the faint

light of a lit candle

-- flaming righteously

fresh unquestioning naivete

I've lost and can never reach

-- beyond rediscovery.

I can only look into your

eyes and remember what I lost

in searching

but I can not remember

my justification in believing.

I crave to approach the altar

and drink the blood and feed

on the life.

-- but I'd be struck down

in my human indignity

unknowing naivete

--my craving sin.

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Nefarious_Misery profile image

Nefarious_Misery 5 years ago from on the move

Love it, like searching the darkness for a light you don't know exists.

Voted up and beautiful.

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