How To Get Off Facebook and Read More Books

First Things First

Close out of facebook in your browser or close the app if you're on your phone. Just shut it down for a moment. There. Doesn't that feel better. Your friends aren't doing anything interesting with their time anyway. Ohh, it's been a minute. Let me catch you up. Dog picture, baby picture, religious picture, political rant. There done.

Now you can spend your facebook time doing something that will benefit you in the long run.

Read during breakfast instead of playing on your phone.
Read during breakfast instead of playing on your phone. | Source

Read a Book

I'm sure many of you haven't read a real book since high school. That's the case with a lot of people I work with. Apparently the mental act of going to a fantasy world and not having to worry about your own problems is boring to most people.

Okay, the problem is that at some point in your life you were forced to read a book you didn't like. You're an adult now. You can read whatever you like. You get to read something *gasp* fun.

Finding Books

It's easier than ever to access amazing books. You've already got your phone. Download the Kindle App. You can access your books across devices. On your phone, on your tablet, on your computer. You can buy books on Amazon and they will drop right into your kindle app to wait for you. There are tons of free books on there too. Most of them are self published. You can find some real gems if you're willing to take the risk. But for the low price of free you can stop reading after page two.

Speaking of free. The library. Just go to the library. You'll need your ID to prove you live in the county so you you can get a library card. Then you can borrow whatever your heart desires. There is the added hassle of having to haul around a block of paper, but it won't lose battery life or cost you data.

Finding Time

You've found a book now you just have to find some time. This is the hardest part for most people and this is the biggest excuse for why people don't read. There is a lot of small moments during the day that you could be using to read. Just think that every time you play a game on your phone you could be reading.

  • The Bathroom: Take a book with you when you go. A few pages at a time is better than no pages.
  • In the Morning: Try to get some reading done with your morning coffee or get up 10 minutes earlier to read.
  • During breaks at work: Bring a book with you. Don't spend it reading tabloids or playing on your phone.
  • In transit. If you don't get motion sick read (if you are the passenger) or listen (if you are the driver) while commuting.
  • At night before bed: Use that last hour before you need to go to sleep to get some reading done. Turning electronics off an hour beforehand will help you sleep better anyway.

Set Time Goals Not Page Goals

Reading is stressful in school because you are assigned a certain number of pages to read by a certain day. The book is usually boring so every time you try to read you fall asleep. At least that is what happened to me and I love books.

It's easier to schedule some time for reading. This is time for you. So close out of facebook and open your book even if it's only for half an hour. Waiting for your frozen pizza to cook? You can get through more pages than you would realize in those seventeen minutes.

There's no need to push yourself. You can always go back later if you think you might have missed something. Let yourself enjoy it.

This is Not a Literature Class

Don't feel like you have to read every book on a list like "Top 100 Greatest Books of All Time." Pick out the books that appeal to you and leave the rest alone. If anyone judges you in the break room for reading Harry Potter then you don't need them as a friend anyway.

This is not a literature class. If you don't like the book then put it down and find something else. Reading should be fun, not a chore. If it's a good book you'll want to keep reading it.

Don't Like the Book? Then Stop Reading

You're gonna find books that don't jive with you. They may be boring, poorly written, or on a topic you don't like.

Sometimes it can be hard to know when to stop, maybe you just haven't read far enough in to get interested. The unofficial rule is 100 minus your age. That's how many pages you should read before deciding to give up. But if you really are bored don't feel bad about giving up.

Protip: Sometimes you should just skip the preface. I've gotten hung up on a preface so many times only to find out it wasn't important when it came to reading the actual story.

Go Forth and Read

So are you amped to start reading? If not go to your local library or bookstore and read the backs of books until you find one that appeals to you.

Make reading a priority and you'll feel so much better about it.

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peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 22 months ago from Home Sweet Home

putting up a schedule is the best way to keep the reading on

nochance profile image

nochance 22 months ago from Duluth, MN Author

I definitely agree. I get several breaks at work so I try to bring a book with me so I don't waste my time on facebook on my phone. I don't know how other people don't read.

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