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Creating creativity

Getting creative writing ideas isn't always easy. Whatever it may be for you need to have good, strong ideasto complete any task. Now you may ask, "wellthen, how do I get good and concrete thought?". The answer is easy my friend, just look around you!

You practically son't need to think! Look in a book, out the window, watch T.V., search on the internet. These are all great methods of coming up with ideas but you may already have tried that. If all else fails, all you need ot do is to set your pace, relax and get thinking.

Close your eyes and think about things that you've seen or that happened today. Then imagine beyond that. For example: Yesterday I saw multiple shooting stars and white birds flying at night. if I imagine beyond that I could think about the meteorite being big enough that it doesn't burn off while hitting the earth's atmosphere. The flock of birds are conscious that if that meteorite hits the earth, a minimum of a million people will die. The flock call other birds and in a blink of an eye, millions ofwhite birds fly up in unison forming a sort of protective shield around the giant meteorite. All the birds heave at once upwards and slowly, halting the meteorite. The remaining surviving birds gently and safely let the giant ball of ice and dust hit the ground.

It's that easy! Now go on! Get creative!!

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