A personal Crop Circle Incident

The Discovery

The other morning I was out very early before sunrise to observe a scheduled meteor shower. To get away from the ambient light of my housing development, I crossed the highway and headed toward the middle of an abandoned farm field. I found a spot where the grasses were lying flatter than the surrounding area and setting up my camera and tripod, settled in to enjoy the heavenly display. As the skies lightened and the meteor shower was no longer visible, I began to take notice of the unusual arrangement of the surrounding grasses.

I was staring at the very center of a remarkable swirl of grass, all their stems flowing in the same direction!

The Investigation

After shooting the above photo, I widened the scope of my observations and discovered this was just a small portion of the overall design. Was there was a larger pattern to the arrangements of the grass than I first perceived? I got excited. What was I looking at?

There were hundreds of them!
There were hundreds of them!

The Realization

There was a sudden realization that I WAS NOT ALONE!!
They were all around me. Silent, with huge heads and large dark eyes staring
un-mooo-vingly. I took this shot as one, the leader, it seemed, approached slowly.
The creature passed within arms reach; I felt unable to mooove. 

It had huge eyes in a very large head
It had huge eyes in a very large head

Within moments they were gone, with nothing left but a few of their own crop circles scattered about. I stepped carefully as I walked home.

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Ivorwen profile image

Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

Ha ha, except your top three pictures are not showing up. :0

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