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This is Relay response to Always Exploring hub excitement mounting. Unfortunately link for this seems broken but I hope you enjoy my story anyway.

Cross Cultural Reality.

Excitement mounting at the prospect of going home. The concept of home is strange though. Nepal had been my home for the last 12 years. There were so many things that I have learnt in that time, that now seem like the norm to be frank.

The time was right to go back to the States however, I knew that deep down. As with all things things change and you know when a chapter of your life ends, a new one begins.

There is so much I would miss about here. Equally, there is so much I won't.

I love going to market, all the sights, sound and smells. Bartering at the stalls, getting alongside them, watching them make their wares. So much fun. The hospitality of the people still amazes me.

One thing I would not miss is plucking chickens. I have had to do it but I still don't enjoy the chase and preparation of chickens. I still much prefer the nice clear pre-packaged type in the supermarkets.

On the other hand.... Supermarkets were something I would have to get used to again I suppose. The white glare, the massive selection, the "in your face" promotion and consumerism.

I remember the last time I went home I went to buy coffee and I was amazed that there was a FULL aisle dedicated to it. There were so many types of coffee I just stood mesmerised, Espresso, latte, granules, pods, filter, fair-trade and decaf. Not to mention the brands... People just don't know what it means to have such supply, its taken for granted.

In the States there is no such thing as seasonal supply any-more (except Christmas), at least not in the same way as over here.

What am I looking forward to? A nice home - not having to re mud the house every year.

Smooth roads - although going on the free-ways may be a bit scary at first

Having medical supplies and equipment to do a good job.

Yes it is time to say goodbye but this place has had a fair chunk of my life. I know that folks at home will struggle. They will see me as home....yet so much has changed since I have left.

I left there after qualifying, planning just to stay a year or two. I had not factored in staying 12 years. Time flies. It is funny how things turn out though. If I had not been here, I may not have met Greg.

Greg took a career break 3 years ago and came swooping in to my compound. At first he grated on my nerves a loud American, that was not hard to miss. Culture shock soon hit him as he settled. It was then that I saw the quieter side to him.

Well the bags are packed and we are ready to go. All set to head home to my parents then the wedding mayhem begins...


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All set to head home to my parents then the wedding mayhem begins...

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always exploring profile image

always exploring 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

I am so pleased that you joined in the fun of Relay writing. I hope more will follow. I enjoyed your story. Thank you..Cheers

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