CryBaby by Debbie Lacy

Oh you're such a Cry Baby and you're making me so sick,
Watching you walk around here whinning all the time, My God, when will you quit?

When things don't work out for you, just find another way,
It's no use having a pity party over it, my God, what more can I say.

I always said if something is meant for you its gonna happen for sure,
The blessings from God up above will be more than your heart can endure.

So wipe those tears from from your eyes little lady, its gonna be okay,
Oh please, Hush Up and don't be such a cry Cry Baby!

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Tranita profile image

Tranita 6 years ago from Lakeland, Kissimmee, Tallahassee FL

I like this one, it has me written all over it. great hub

dl53acy profile image

dl53acy 6 years ago from East Texas Author

Lol! I do believe I was once myself! Thanks for reading!

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