Curly of the three stooges replaces captain kirk on star trek

Who could ever forget the comedic talents of Curly Howard or the zany antics of the three stooges?Even well over a half century later,Curly and the three stooges has led the way for other slapstick comedy,and is true classic comedy at its very best.C
Who could ever forget the comedic talents of Curly Howard or the zany antics of the three stooges?Even well over a half century later,Curly and the three stooges has led the way for other slapstick comedy,and is true classic comedy at its very best.C
Orion green woman pic is from
Orion green woman pic is from

From the Star Trek episode The Managerie

Spaceys da final frontiers

Spaceys,da final frontiers.Deze are da voyagerisms of da star shippy enterprise.Dare missionary to explores strange and silly new worlds.To seeky out new lifes and civily zations.To boldly goes where Curly hasnt gone before,nyuk,nyuk,nyuk.

Star datey six four three,which alsos da samich special at dat space diner weze stopped at last night.And dey was scrumptious,nyuk.I have assumed da role of da captain and dis is my first voyagism wit dis crew.Dares no tellins what lies ahead for us on dis expeditionism.

Capt.Curly-Hey Uhuras,I hopes you understands dat Im da captain now since Kirkie took off wit dat andorian creampuff.And keeps me alerted to any new communications from da planet belowz us.

Uhura-Understood captain.Captain,Im now getting messages from the planet down below.It sounds like a females voice sir.

Capt.Curly-Tank you Uhurias.Spocky,dis looks like chickeein readings on deze Nyuk!Hey I tinks Im gettin da hang of dis star trek commandin stuff.

Spock-Captain I have theorized that this is an orion lifeform.They are in the midwest regions of the orion belt in our galaxy.An old description that our former captain used was orion green chickees...So these green chickees..if you will..are indeed unpredictable lifeforms,and may be identified captain,by their computer like intellects,as well as proclivities for earth like men,especially captains,..sir.

Capt Curly-Green chickeeuns huh?Tank you Spocky.Dats very helpful.So does deze lifeformies love ta hug and kiss alot like Kirkie says in his logs?And it shows in da original episodes too?Theys sure is orionistic.Nyuk,nyuk.

Spock-Affirmative captain.However,I believe these lifeforms utilize expenditures of energies which allows them to go with the flow at various velocities.They can be both quite elusive and quite dangerous to certain humanoid lifeforms as well..

Capt.Curly-Dats helpful,tank you Spocky.I tells ya what,Id lettins her greeny smooch me anytime,woowoo..Hey strike dat last comment from da log record Uhuria.

uhura-Yes captain,its stricken from the record.

Capt.Curly-Tank you cupcake.Whud else we got on dis lifeformy?

Spock-Captain,I have logically deducted from the triangular geometric progression,in alignment with our equa-laterealistic atmospheric conditions in progression with the change in climatic seasonal inferences,this orion chickeez seasons on her world are similar in nature to your earth.No variance in drops of climatic atmospheres captain.Its all quite logical.

Dr.McCoy-Good God Spock,how do you expect the captain to understand all that scientific mumbo jumbo?Why not just simply say that this is an interesting female lifeform?Tell us Spock.

Mr.Spock-Please Dr.McCoy,enough of your flagrant illogical emotionalisms.Dont you agree captain?

Capt.Curly-Soytantly Spocky.Why yes,I most soytantly do.Please Bones,try to be more logically expectorant in your alienistic green chickeein assumptions.Rrr!

Dr.McCoy-Blast it captain,Im just a doctor,Im not an orion green chickee specialist.

Capt.Curly-Takes us outta here Scotty an sets a course for doze orion clusters dat that voice is comin from..Lets see what lies beyond doze realms.Warp factor three.Hey Spocky,lets send dis lifeform a message to show dat we comes in peaceez.

Spock-Anything in particular captain?

Capt.Curly-How bouts sendin some romantic Shakespearian poetry Spocky?

Spock-Very well captain.As you wish.Now sending communications.Good day to thee green chickeeun lifeform.Thou orionistical essenses an thees paradoxical chickeeunisms of thine profilictical exhuberifticisms hast procluviated logicisms of thine greenistic cyberiftical meta-logistically quinistical profundities.Thine speechlessness of thou fairest lady has been hastened to thee twisterings of thine heart?Thine computerisms hast thou formulated to thee that thine perceptibilities hast created vast formulations of speechlessness of thy rendering and twistering of thou fairest orionically green lifeform.Thus thou biological exuberisms of thines cardiovascular systems and speechlessness of thou stated lifeforms communications.Thine foundations are thou bountifully logical in thines rationalizations.Hath thou Doctor McCoy yet proclaimed to thee,they fair maidens diagnoses?

Dr.McCoy-Blast the thees and thous Mr.Spock.Im just a doctor,I not a scientific Shakespearian specialist. Captain would you please tell that pointed eared hobgoblin to shut up?

Capt.Curly-No I most soytantly will not.Humor me Bones and quit beins such a stooge

Dr.McCoy-Excuse me captain,but in my opinion as chief medical officer,this is not the time nor place for any kind of parody.

Capt.Curly-Ah dont sweats it Bones,its all one big space pardy in my books.Nyuk.My only rule is no alcoholic drinkeez to da helm crew on da bridge.I heards all about commander Scott gettin nailed wit dat old bottle of scotch while flyins da shuttlin craft.Da Federation dont pay us enough to be gettin one of doze tickets.Have yourself a drinkeepoo Bones and relax a little would ya?But I do tink itd do ya some good to learn summa dat Shakysperian stuff.It could come in handy in our next encounter.Nyuk,nyuk.It appears dis lifeform aint wantin to communicates wid us now.

Spock-That captain,may very well be what you humans sometimes call a blessing.Our last encounter with this being nearly ended in us losing captain Kirk.This lifeform is classified as highly dangerous to human life in the Federation logs sir.

Capt Curly-Tanks Spocky.Take us outta here Mr.Sulu.Warped factors three.Ize had enoughs of dis green chickadee and weze got business to tends to in the gamblin quadrant.Hey Spocky,Hows bout fixin me one of doze Vulcan Mind Melts?Dayz so yummy and delicious.Nyuk.

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