Curse Of One More Time (poem)

Here is the curse of one more time

Of riding waves on promised shores

Of dreaming dreams for other’s view

Of sowing seeds forevermore


Countless dinners one more dance

One more picture for the shelf

One more word of kind advise

One more one more promise please


Footsteps wander for a course

For a path to lead them home

For imagination’s flame

For someone lost long ago


Here is the curse of one more time

Of ego with a life to cast

Of mindless moods who challenge fate

Of wounds which falls have taught to heal


Endless meetings words to share

Words well tempered for the ear

Words which even deaf can hear

Words so open none could fail


Words to action mine was pain

Pain of pressure to succeed

Pain of one more roll of dice

Pain of shadows on their smiles


Here is the curse of one more time

Of playing with so many lives

Of forfeiting much smoother road

The curse of these memories

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bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 22 months ago from Central Florida

Martin, this is stupendous! I think it's your best yet.

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