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The Writer's Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination
The Writer's Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination

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Unstuck: A Supportive and Practical Guide to Working Through Writer's Block
Unstuck: A Supportive and Practical Guide to Working Through Writer's Block

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Learning Resources Writer's Block
Learning Resources Writer's Block

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I have been starring at this computer screen for hours.

I have even tried taking a nice warm shower.

I have never had such trouble finding words.

I believe that this is all rather absurd.


Usually the words flow rather freely.

I will start to write and they just come to me.

However that is not the case today.

They have all seemed to just go away. 


Oh what could the problem be?

I have to find out, this just isn’t me.

I always have the words to write

Stories of love, family, and delight.


Maybe I should just take a short rest

Then the words can come in a dream instead.

However I toss and turn and cannot sleep.

This writer’s block has got me in deep.


Oh this curse can’t last forever.

‘Cause words and I are meant to be together.

Maybe they just needed a little break from me.

I hope they return because they are like family.


Without them I am lonely and have nothing to do

I hope this writer’s block never ails you.

I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

Ok, maybe the kid down the ally.


Well I guess I have nothing more to say.

This writer’s block is going to make for a crappy day.

Hopefully tomorrow will hold better things in store.

And I can return to writing once more.



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Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 6 years ago from ON THE ROAD

Unfortunately, I can say amen to all those sentiments. It's really frustrating when the words decide to play games of hide & seek, especially when the clock is ticking on a deadline.

Thanks for the smiles.

ChristinaScibona profile image

ChristinaScibona 6 years ago from The Heart of the Finger Lakes Author

Thanks was fun to write because I couldn't think of anything else to write today!

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