Cyborg Chimera (a poetry collection)

cover to Shelly Bryant's first poetry collection Cyborg Chimera
cover to Shelly Bryant's first poetry collection Cyborg Chimera
Bryant reads poems from Cyborg Chimera at a reading in Shanghai, November 2009
Bryant reads poems from Cyborg Chimera at a reading in Shanghai, November 2009

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Cyborg Chimera

Cyborg Chimera, released in October 2009, is Bryant's first poetry collection. It centers on ideas of hybridity, the subconscious, dreams, programming, reality, and illusion. It contains 42 poems, some of which have appeared in magazines, journals, and websites over the past several years.

Table of Contents:

Dreamscenes:  Images from the Nightly Death


A Nightmare’s Whisper



Abandoned World 


Child’s Play 

In Exile


Orion Out the Window


Real Life  

Bill Passed, a Fib


Programmed:  Coded Controls, Sequenced Solutions

Forty Winks 



Under Foot 




Watchdog 6.9.2

Unhand Me

Cyborg Chimera 


Not Programmed That Way

Herr Leibniz 


Freewill:   Definition, Determination, Destination



Garbage In, Garbage Out 



Double Helix

The Sacred, the Savage


Censor Censure Censer


Gone Awry




Bryant at the Singapore launch of Cyborg Chimera
Bryant at the Singapore launch of Cyborg Chimera

About the Poet

Shelly Bryant splits her time between Singapore and Shanghai. She teaches literature part time at a private university in Singapore, studies Chinese language part time in Shanghai, and offers poetry coaching services year-round. She is an avid reader, writer, cyclist, and traveler.

Bryant's poems have appeared in numerous print and online journals, magazines, and anthologies. You can see a full list of her publications here.

About Bryant's Poetry

Most of Bryant's poems fall into the speculative genres, including science fiction, fantasy, the surreal, mythic, and (from time to time) horror. Some of her favorite topics include the relationship between cyborgs and robots, space travel, and old mythologies made new.

There is an influence of Asia on much of Bryant's work. Besides her interest in poetic forms derived from East Asian traditions, such as haiku, tanka, haibun, and sijo, the focus in much of her work on the moment and imagery is closely aligned with traditional practices in traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean poetry.

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