Damn America--Where'd We Go Wrong

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(gonzo times.com)

By: Wayne Brown

The national debt is neck-deep; a budget is non-existent

Our citizens are angry and building their resentment

It seems we are very near the end of the fat lady’s song

Damn America! Where did we go wrong?



Our borders have more holes than a wheel of Swiss cheese

America is awash in illegals like a dog with a case of fleas

We have not paid attention, left the cat out far too long

Damn America! Where did we go wrong?



Jobs are getting more scarce than the enamel on chicken teeth

Theft and corruption in government programs; truly beyond belief

And what happen to the elected ones standing for us so strong?

Damn America! Where did we go wrong?



Environmental fanaticism seems to be the order of the day

We want all the crude we can get if it comes from far away

Foreign oil is a mistake; not the place that our efforts belong

Damn America! Where did we go wrong?



Labor unions and their ilk are all demonstrating in the streets

Wanting contracts honored that the taxpayers cannot meet

Who could be so stupid to put us on this road that we’re on

Damn America! Where did we go wrong?



Crooked politicians line their pockets while they serve

They look us in the eye and lie; man, they got some nerve

Lying, cheating, stealing; just a thread run too long

Damn America! Where did we go wrong?



Time was when a man was honored to serve with honesty

To lead the nation forward and secure the land of the free

But now those times have changed; they sold us for a song

Damn America! Where did we go wrong?



The time is long gone when things were great and copasetic

America needs to wake up and move away from apathetic

This nation is a teetering on a cliff edge not so strong

Damn America! Where did we go wrong?



Wake up America, wake up and see the harshness of the facts

Spending is out of control and the debt is piling up in stacks

Look at what is going in your country; get the honest truth

Resolve to make changes for real good at the polling booth.



© Copyright WBrown2011. All Rights Reserved.

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profile image

Motown2Chitown 5 years ago

Way to get out the word that some of this may actually be OUR fault and not just the fault of the elected officials, Wayne. Great one, actually, and I'm not generally a fan of poetry. I admit...apathy has been my way for the past few years. Well done!

Harvey Stelman profile image

Harvey Stelman 5 years ago from Illinois

Wayne, What do you think Hope, and Change meant? H

Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 5 years ago

Fun hub full of idioms.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings means: nothing is irreversible until the final act is played.

Origin: either German opera or American sport. I’ll go with sports (and in your neighborhood) – In a Dallas Morning News broadcast in March 1976:

Bill Morgan (Southwest Conference Information Director): "Hey, Ralph, this... is going to be a tight one after all."

Ralph Carpenter (Texas Tech Sports Information Director): Right. The opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings."

Also in US sporting history -- the fat lady was Kate Smith singing "God Bless America". The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team played her recording of the song before a game in December 1969, and it became a good luck token.

Let the Cat out of the Bag means: disclose a secret.

Origin: There are two different ideas for this phrase. One is the fraud of substituting a cat for a pig at the market. If you let the cat out of the bag you disclosed the trick. The other theory is that the 'cat' referred to is the cat o' nine tails, which was used to flog sailors who misbehaved. The 'nine tails' part of the name is from the three strands of cord that the rope lashes were made. The cords were made from three strands of string. When unbraided a piece of rope separated into nine strings. . .

And NO WHERE could I find reference to the enamel on chicken teeth. I researched chicken in a basket and armed to the teeth. Did you make that one up just for hubpages?

Luckily no math homework tonight. Ha!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Motown2Chitown...I just had to say it...it's long over due and we cannot continue the way we are going. We are long since past the easy solution..."raise taxes". It's time for the people we pay six figures a year to get off their ass and do their job. Thanks much! WB

@Harvey Stelman...Everything but what I thought it meant, Harv...and maybe even more! WB

@Truckstop Sally...I spent the entire day trying to come up with something that would just baffle Truckstop Sally...looks like I found it. Can I get a Nobel Prize for genius over here? LOL! WB

Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 5 years ago

Ha!! Before I continue, I did write a hub today about worthless talk . . .

Oh, I'm not giving up on the chicken's enamel teeth. The gauntlet has been thrown . . .

I will share that my Grandmother used to give chickens medicine(human pills) if she thought they were sick. Really!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Truckstop Sally...you might want to pick up some pills while you're over to see Granny! I am sure she will have an answer for you! LOL! WB

mslizzee profile image

mslizzee 5 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

Great Hub. We are all feeling a bit uneasy these days.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 5 years ago

Great job Wayne. What we have on top of us are folks who are detached from everyday suffering. They need to get RE-INTRODUCED" God bless!

Writer David profile image

Writer David 5 years ago from Mobile, AL

Very good hub, Wayne. I'm not much at poetry. When I was in school Trig and Poetry were two subjects I languished in quite often. But, I thoroughly enjoyed this. It reminds me of quite a bit of my next hub (sometime today) relating to a Motown hit by the Temptations. We live in perilous times, my friend. I thought the 60s were bad. Hell, I long for the 60s now.

wilbury4 profile image

wilbury4 5 years ago from England I think?

... And Damn England, where the hell are we going wrong?

Cheers Wayne.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

I think we are in the same mood today. Bravo!

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland

Hey Wayne, come on now, give a girl a break. Just as I am sat here with two files researched, ready to write another hub, (give you a run for your money), what do you do, pip me to the post again? lol

Damn Britain as well Wayne, we are in the same boat. It has just been announced on the TV that we are to get snow today, so the council have decided to grit the roads in the rain!!! I ask you? What a waste of tax payers money. I should be on the council, I would tell them how it is lol.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@mslizee...We certainly are and with good reason. Sanity and common sense seem to have left town. Thanks much. WB

@Micky Dee...You are so correct. They want to tell us how to deal with tough times while they take six figures home from taxpayer coffers...hypocrites! WB

@Writer David...Thanks David..I'll have to get by and read that piece. Maybe political poetry will get you going! LOL! WB

@wilbury4...Seems that greed and incompetence is a world wide trait...not something we own here in the US. Thanks much! WB

@breakfastpop...I was overdue to register some political discontent...why not in verse! WB

@thebluestar...I hear that heavy breathing...is that you coming up fast behind me? I'll brace myself for the pass! LOL! Thanks much! WB

profile image

Motown2Chitown 5 years ago

Something just popped into my head - do chicken even have teeth? :-/

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 5 years ago from United States

Bravo! Fantastic poem that spelled out exactly right. Wayne, I think this is one of your best.

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 5 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

We've lost perspective.If people took citizenship seriosly they would vote better. I am not sure if new citizens even have to pass a test anymore..

profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

Well, I thought the line about enamel on chicken's teeth was down right brilliant.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Motown2Chitown...No really and that seems to be the reason that the enamel off of them is rare! LOL! WB

@Pamela99...I must have been on your wave length with this one! Thanks much! WB

@dahoglund...Right on,brother! Too many take their citzenship and their liberties for granted. They will be among the first to scream when they have to wash the people's truck. WB

@Fay Paxton...I was using my writer's license! Thanks, Fay! LOL! WB

profile image

Motown2Chitown 5 years ago

Well, no damn wonder then. Glad I didn't start digging for information on chicken teeth. ROFL! I thought it was a great line, btw. :)

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Motown2Chitown....No problem, Truckstop Sally suffered the same issue! LOL! WB

Genna East profile image

Genna East 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Whoa…that post-it made me jump a bit; very effective and “got the message across.”

I’m and “Indie” who feels that the huge debt we have accumulating over many years is terrifying, among other things. We need to resolve these issues and it begins with American voters becoming more aware of the facts versus fiction. I was flabbergasted recently when at a dinner party a couple of the people in attendance had no idea of the amount of money we owe China. I had explain to them how China is our “banker.” People need to get off their duffs and get informed.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Genna East...Yeah, I thought that picture delivered the frustration that so many people. What a shame there are people out there who are out of touch with how bad off this country really is....and they vote. We so need to wake up as a public and get things right. I think that if we woke up, the majority would be overwhelming. Thanks, Geena. WB

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

You can also put me down for angry.

Where is our vaunted, community organizing leader?

Obama is fiddling while oil prices and unemployment soar. He and Michelle party while the economy is dying. He adjusts his teleprompters while the Middle East melts down.

Obama's weak spot has been exposed...he cannot lead!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@WillStarr...Got you on the angry list, Will. I hope it is the longest one. I know there are plenty of Arizona folks just itching to vote in the 2012 election and get some payback. This guy is a train wreck. WB

chspublish profile image

chspublish 5 years ago from Ireland

Wayne your word is strong; keep it coming loud and long; sing it, string it; never fear your word is dear; to many who hear you loud and strong.

speedbird profile image

speedbird 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Great hub Wayne, your message is loud and clear.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@chspublish...Thank you, I think Charlie Daniels said it all with his "Simple Man" song. WB

@speedbird...Thanks much, glad you liked it. WB

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 5 years ago

You speak for many of your countrymen my friend. I honor your steadfastness and determination to save your country before it's to late and like the Glory of Greece and the Grandeur that was Rome came to a mighty fall.

So can America, the writing is on the wall...CNN will be there with it's smugness and arrogance to watch it fall. I pray it's not to late.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 5 years ago from Arlington, TX

I'm not a poet and I know it Wayne, but you are good with a lyric and a bit satiric. You hit the nail on the head new friend.

profile image

SilverGenes 5 years ago

Wayne, you and I could sit down and disagree on some things (like the environment comment) but overall the entire planet is on the road to perdition. Maybe if we didn't have our collective heads up our excretory passages, our media set up to cater to the average 12 year old child (similar intelligence to a German Shepherd by the way) and we actually looked at reality rather than dramatizing and polarizing, we just might get somewhere. But our governments like the childish reactions and foster it. Heaven forbid we all act like adults for a minute. Angry? Oh yes, I am. Good hub!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@saddlerider1...We have to hold steadfast in the hope that we can bring a mix of common sense and democracy back to the process here in the USA. We have some folks who want to manipulate our freedoms who need to go away. Thanks, Ken WB

@The Frog Prince....Thanks so much. I appreciate the read and the comment. WB

@SilverGenes...I don't think we would disagree that much on the environment, Alexandra. I am all for mankind doing everything reasonable to treat the environment right. I am appalled at the number of individuals willing to make money off the deal with their scams and I am appalled that mankind would ever consider itself more powerful than Mother Nature. We may ugly up the world as humans but we will never overcome the forces of nature. I agree with you on the government thing. Government has decided that it must create a need for itself and that is a destructive position which lives off the egos and the self-interest of those in high places. We can never go there. Thanks much! WB

Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 5 years ago

OK -- so I get it -- no such thing as chicken's teeth (scarcer than hen's teeth) . . . but did you make up the enamel reference or is it an idiom?? Inquiring minds want to know. I've found come home to roost, before the eggs hatch, walking on eggs (or eggshells), and even chicken in a basket (interesting - X-rated), but no enameled chicken's teeth.

profile image

SilverGenes 5 years ago

Wayne, then we are not in disagreement at all when it comes to the environment. Scammers are everywhere today and it is way past time they are run out of town. Whatever happened to honour and pride? It seems to have been replaced by meaningless political rhetoric to carry us 'morons' along on the political coat tails of yesteryear. Sorry, but I just watched Obama and read that stupid slogan behind him.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Truckstop Sally...Yes, I did make that up as far as I know. I didn't want to use to old worn reference to "scarce as hen's teeth" so I figured the only thing more scarce than a chicken's tooth would be the enamel that covers it! Go figger! Sorry to cause you so much research! LOL! WB

@SilverGenes...Wooo...I can't watch the guy! I get steamed everytime he begins to talk down as if he has such a clear understanding of it all yet is unable to lead his way out of a paper bag. Thanks much...good to hear! WB

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

I have been screaming about it since I got here and all I have for it is a 100+ emails from Arabs I can't read and American's calling me prejudice because I call illegal, illegal, and as I have said recently all these illegals are unscreened bringing in diseases that will soon have us dropping like flies and why no one will ask Mr President why illegals have 100 health care for Americans to foot the bill while he can't think of a plan for us I simply do not know. I really don't have any more hope, too many will give him the next four, actually that is about when I look for him to make all illegal legals but if they are smart they will see legal gets you nothing. Glad always to see someone for the people. Thank you.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Pollyannalana...I have written a few myself and it seems we only continue in this uncontrolled dive we are in toward self-destruction. I cannot believe that those in high places such as Obama can be so stupid to believe anything they are currently doing is creating anything good for America. If that is the case, these folks have some really warped sense of reasoning in my book. Thanks for the good words and comments. WB

Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 5 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

A justified case, boldly put. Thanks for caring and for speaking up.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Silver Poet...Thank ya, thank ya very much! Maybe it will motivate a few people to go and do the right thing. We have been getting ripped off for far too long now. WB

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