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Very old picture of Patsy.
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Many years ago my Dad was having big trouble in his business. It was the year 1958 in Manchester.UK.

He was a garage proprietor. He sold petrol and he fixed cars. There were two mechanics,two lubricating bay attendants,two welders ,one sprayer,two petrol attendants and one manager.

I was one of the petrol attendants and my sister-in-law was the other one. 'The Busby Babes',

(Man United Players) were often at the garage and my brother would chat with them for ages,he was a well known referee.

Tumbling Down

Even though it was a small business there were peoples jobs to consider and a hefty wage bill every week.

Well eventually it all came tumbling down. My brother had been the manager and luckily for him he already had a taxi licence. My dad became a taxi owner with my brother driving one of his two taxis.

One day my brother had a fare to take a young couple, and their Boxer Dog to, the Southampton ferry. Quite a journey from Manchester.!

As they got to Southampton luck would have it that they missed the boat,don't know how. maybe they got the time wrong! Once I booked a boat and they gave me the wrong time so I think I know how it happened.

Well the outcome was that my brother had to drive them to Poole for another boat. The only problem was that they had run out of money and my brother was getting worried. he wondered how they would cope with the Boxer Bitch in this complicated journey of theirs............


Well that is a shortened version of how we came to own Patsy rhe Boxer Girl.

Patsy was a very beautiful Boxer Bitch. She was golden brindle with the most trusting eyes ever. Luckily Bengo, our boxer boy, liked her and accepted her into the family easily.

Well before a year had gone by we had seven Boxers and many visitors as my mother had become a dab hand at Showing and breeding Boxers. We had lots of dogs in our huge gardens where we now borded them for business people.

But isn't it strange how things happen if my dads business hadn't failed we wouldn't have had all the glorious fun we've had with our Boxer Babes over the years.


Our house was littered with possessions we never desired, but once we had them, they fitted into the big house and it became atmospherically eclectic. We had things like huge leather pilots coats, piano -accordians, banjo guitars,chromatic harmonicas,a variety of watches,binoculars,movie cameras,paintings,sewing machines and even a motor scooter.

All this from people, including G.I.s ,who bartered their taxi fares ! The possession of Patsy the Boxer was the first and definitely the most prized possession ever...

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jandee profile image

jandee 6 years ago from Liverpool.U.K Author

hello ugg nightfall,

thanks for reading and like your boots !


tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 6 years ago from South Africa

Beautiful, evocative writing. Thank you for sharing this interesting story.

Love and peace


jandee profile image

jandee 6 years ago from Liverpool.U.K Author

Hello Tony,thanks for that!-just saying hello from south west fr.{lots of piano jazz etc.going on here),m

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Wow, seven boxers. Now that must've been a sight. Very cute story. How life does change us and shape us. Always better when shared with a dog.

jandee 6 years ago

Hello Pegcole17, It certainly is,I am sorry for people who never know the happiness of sharing with dogs, thanks for reading,from jandee

profile image

ralwus 6 years ago

very interesting Jandee. I have Bassets, three but I love Boxers too.

jandee profile image

jandee 6 years ago from Liverpool.U.K Author

Hello Charlie,the hub you just read has a picture of 'Kane' a french bordeau -small picture ,bottom of page, how sad! we were driving in france and my mobile went ! it was a message from my friend leslie to tell me her beautiful Kane had died in the night! How lovely natured that dog was.... We put ourselves through it with our pets !don't we?? jandee

profile image

ralwus 6 years ago

Gee, I didn't see that picture down there. Thanks for pointing him out. That's sad. yes, our pets are so loved and demanding and well worth all the mess. We have 4 dogs, two cats a parakeet and our loving/funny parrot. Much love to you darlin'. Charlie

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

You have a great heart jandee.

jandee profile image

jandee 6 years ago from Liverpool.U.K Author

Hello Micky,lovely of you ,bye jandee

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