Damn You A Love Letter



Damn You

Damn You --

Damn you for coming into my life. For making me never want to be alone. For showing me what it means to love. To love someone completely.

Damn You --

Damn you for making me believe. Believe that I have so much to give and that someone could love me as much as you did.

Damn You --

Damn you for finding a way to make me open up to you. To dream about life, to dream of a future and to include you in all of them.

Damn You --

Damn you for leaving. Leaving me with my dreams, hopes and memories. All of them with you in them.

Damn You --

About this Poem

This poem was written in the fall of 1999. Probably while on the road traveling for work. It is poem about the mixed emotions you feel when a love leaves and all you are left with is the hops and dreams you built together.

At this time of my life I had been officially divorced for a year. While I was moving on with life I was still at emotional Rock bottom. At my core I was angry. I wanted to capture the emotion that was inside, the remains of what happens when Hope & Love leaves suddenly.


© 2015 Robert W Shaw

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autoimmune profile image

autoimmune 18 months ago from United Kingdom

that poem has good expression of thoughts. nice write up.

CrisSp profile image

CrisSp 18 months ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

...and you captured the emotions and penned it so well.

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