Damned By Love

Damned By Love

Your beauty,which is magnified by radiance,
will be eternally yours my love.

Doth not, my heart beat as thunder,whilst,
my body burns with desire.

Damnation abounds; for yet, a whisper...
from your lips,wouldest,
cast me down.

Down,into the eternal, abyss of brimstone.
Your rapture,is but a plague,

Wrecking havoc,on my mind,body and soul.

Copyright ©2003 Larry H Tiblier Jr.

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hackcounter 5 years ago from kathmandu


Charlcie Lott 5 years ago

nice poem < you are a poet and don't know it....

Love sis

Me 4 years ago

yeah I do know it I just never believed it and probably never will

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djjune6 4 years ago

well, believe it. This one is very stirring. Great work!

Me 4 years ago

Submit your votes

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djjune6 4 years ago

Oh, and it's "wreaking" havoc. :-)

willum 2 years ago

Hi Larry Tiblier Jr!

I googled ltiblierjr..... just like you suggested

and found this very good poem!

Yes you are a poet.

more importantly though I am trying to digest what your meaning is and the feeling behind it.

... and that is pretty intense...

you can try going to

LF8U.com for more about me....

larry tiblier 2 years ago

Thanks man

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