Danielle-The Short Story


This is something that I wrote back in 1988. I was inspired by irony of literature such as "A Modest Proposal" in taking on a serious subject. I also loved the symbolism of works like "Animal Farm".

My aim was to present a cautionary tale in a child-like way. You could say it is my twisted fairy tale of sorts.

I hope you enjoy!

Danielle. Poor little Danielle.

Danielle lived in a world of fantasy. She viewed the world through a pair of rose-colored glasses. The world was beautiful. The world was wonderful. There was always love in the world. The world was perfect, according to Danielle that is.

Danielle lived out her life behind a wall of lies and half-truths. Danielle knew no better. They all looked real and honest to her, practically invincible. She never thought its base could be a weak one.

Poor, little, innocent Danielle.

One day, Danielle heard something at her wall. She was frightened. She backed away. Then she saw that the wall’s foundation was indeed weak. She knew it would fall.

Suddenly, what was on the outside of her wall had broken through and was now with her. It was a horrible monster. With its claws, it ripped off her rose-colored glasses and threw them to the ground. They were smashed. Now that she looked at the monster with naked eyes, it looked more appalling then before.

Danielle didn’t want this monster in her world. She thought because its looks were hideous that it was hideous. She never tried to find out that the monster was bearable. She didn’t try to find out that it wasn’t as dreadful as it looked. She never tried to discover that even when the monster got bad, it come be overcome. All she went on was the assumption that if it was a monster, it was horrible.

Poor, little, innocent, naive Danielle.

She reached down and picked up a piece of rose-colored glass. She didn’t know how to live in a world without her glasses to look through. She’d always lived with her glasses; now they would help her one more time. They would get her away from this monster here the only way possible. She slid the glass across her wrist. The glass fell to the ground, bloodstained.

Danielle lay lifeless at the feet of the monster. A great sense of loss was felt in its heart. Inside, the monster was crying because Danielle was gone. Then, the monster began to sing.

Danielle is gone

Good-bye, so long

Wish you could be

Back here with me

But that’s not so

Because you had to go

Danielle is gone

Goodnight, so long.

Poor Danielle. Poor, little, innocent, naïve Danielle.

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