Poetry: Darkness Falls

The darkness inside of us all

Holds you

Scolds you

Deep inside

Breaks in

Buries deep

Don't even try

To fight

To scream

To no avail



Symptoms fail

Dark light

Bright night

Spinning around

White ghost

Black death

All surrounds

The end

It claims

Is here now



It's sweeping bow

I cry

And bleed

Life's red blood

My tears

So sweet

Create a flood

I want

I need

Numbness today



In any way


Just Once

Heed my request

I've tried

In vain

To past this test

Tender green

Blue smoke

Blessed release

Pull me

From depths

I've fallen too deep



No light seen

In life

In reality

Not even my dreams

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kaiyan717 profile image

kaiyan717 4 years ago from West Virginia Author

Thanks Cresent, was just one of those days :)

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 4 years ago from Caledonia, MI

Awesome. I can really relate.

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