Darkness Rising

Ceremonial Bow ( Poem Two )


A bit dazed,

his eyes were glazed,

it was what death caused,

as life made it’s ceremonial bow,

and the ghost paused,

then moved as if he meant to go on,

igniting the transition,

the boy had drawn himself up

into a crouched position,

his hands hugging his arms,

and in his head,

the bells went off like fire alarms,

his eyes rapidly blinking,

then a moment passed,

in which the ghost seemed to be thinking,

the boy fought off death,

with every ounce of his breath,

and the ghost thought it was too disturbing,

but life again made its final

ceremonial bow,

the ghost shrugged,

and the boy was smiling now.

Darkness Rising ( Poem One )

She felt so weak

that her face was shimmering,

there was a deep cut on her cheek,

terror was simmering,

and death whispered in her ear,

as the stranger was drawing near,

she was fast,

but he kept a good pace,

then a rush of cold,

damp air hit her face,

the ground would rumble,

and she would stumble,

then she saw the darkness rising,

tremendous amount of fear would coat,

a stream of warm blood

made its way down her throat.



































© 2011 Frank Atanacio

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